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America Encounters Organization In Brooks’s Essay

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It is not the actual states that put the “United” in the United States; it is the people of America that put the “United” in the United States. Through a well-organized essay, “One Nation, Slightly Divisible,” David Brooks describes the diverse ways of life between Republicans and Democrats. Brooks effectively uses strong nonbiased points to assist the reader in agreeing and understanding his every thought. This allows Brooks to easily reach his intended audience- anyone interested in the diverse ways of life between Republicans and Democrats. America is a united nation despite the differences between people and their culture. This idea of one united nation, that is slightly divisible, ...view middle of the document...

Brooks always directly compares the two types of America. If he describes one color of America, he gives examples of how the other color of America is different. Specifically, when Brooks, a Blue American, says, “We sail; they motorboat. We cross-country ski; they snowmobile. We hike; they drive ATVs. We have vineyard tours; they have tractor pulls” (487). Even though by saying all these things, Brooks may seem a bit stereotypical, he does take the time to describe the two different cultures. Brooks is also able to reach his intended audience by using effective tactics to increase the reader’s faith in him. Brooks gains his credibility through telling the reader truthful, interesting facts throughout the essay. For example, Brooks says, “I shuttled back and forth between Franklin and Montgomery Counties because the cultural differences between the two places are great, though the geographic distance is small” (489). Brooks effectively draws in the reader throughout the whole essay. He allows the reader to visualize the two very different colors of American life through his convincing examples and intriguing statements.
To organize his essay, Brooks clearly divides all of the sections of the paper with clear subheadings. Brooks works hard to ensure that the different ideas do not mash together and become one cluttered idea. An example of when Brooks differentiates the sections is when he goes from the portion of the paper about the differences between the two Americas and starts the section “Crossing the Meatloaf Line.” At this point he alters his main focus and begins to talk about the actual political map and how different counties or states are different colors depending on the way they voted. He stays along the same lines of what he was saying in the previous section, but there is a significant change in thought, and the subheadings make it very clear.
A portion of Brooks’s essay, “From Cracks to a Chasm?” is used to describe how America is truly one united nation. The September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are good examples of when America was truly united, lacking its usual red and blue color differentiation. Brooks traveled to many diverse areas after the attacks, and he could not sense any significant variations between people’s answers to tough questions he asked about the attack no matter their party affiliation. Through Brooks’s research and experiences after the attack, he said, “…the evidence seemed clear that despite our differences, we are still a united people” (492). Throughout the majority of the essay, Brooks describes how the people of America are different, but in the section about September 11th, Brooks shows how all Americans can pull together into one united body in the face of national tragedy. While Brooks is talking about how America is united, people may think that he is not looking at the whole picture,...

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