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Ambition Is The Greatest Enemy Of Peace

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“Some say the world will end in ice,
Some say in fire
From what I know of desire,
I hold to those who favour fire.
But if our beautiful blue-green planet were
To perish twice,
I think I know enough of ambition.
To trigger war is also great and would also

Man is essentially an ambition being. His acquisitiveness, pride ambition and selfishness drive on in his pursuit of
personal gains. History has remained testimony to the fact that many wars were waged to satisfy the ambition of the kings and emperors. History, epics, legend and literature have recorded how lofty ambitions of men have distributed the peace of the people around them. From the Stone Age, the age of ...view middle of the document...


Man essentially ambitious and a competitive being. There has been no substantial change in man’s nature during his course of his evolution. He is still barbarian at heart, ready to kill another for his own survival or simply to prove his supremacy over the other, possibly a weaker person. Man may boast of all the technological advancement that have been made in past centuries as a result of his ingenuity, yet the fact remains that they have not made man wiser and more judicious. His lust for power is as strong as ever. Driven by an unbridled ambition, he continues in his endeavour, unmindful of the havoc he may cause in the lives of the others. It is no longer a struggle for survival; rather it is just an indulgence of his whims and fancies. His acquisitiveness, pride ambition and selfishness drive him on in his pursuit of personal gains.

History has remained testimony to the fact that wars were waged by kings and emperors just to satisfy their ambitions. Alexander, the great was young and ambitious and came all the way from Greece to India. He aspired to rule over the whole world. Ashokawas also an ambitious ruler and waged wars to annex new lands. He realized that to fulfill his ambitions, he had unknowingly sacrificed the lives of many innocent people. In modern times, Hitler would be remembered as the most ambitious man on earth. He believed in the superiority of the Aryan race and wanted to exterminate the Jews from the face of the earth. The gas chambers, the torture cells and graveyards exhumed after the end of Second World War are grim of the German holocaust.

Ambition and progress, which takes you up to an exalted position. Is there true happiness there? No! There is the fear of falling from your exalted position.

This paradox of contemporary civilization made the great poet T.S. Eliot pen the following lines in his celebrated work “Wasteland”:

What are the roots that clutch?
What branches grow?
Out of his story rubbish?
Son of man,
You cannot say, or guess,
For you know only
A heap of broken images,
Where the sun beats,
And the dead tree gives no shelter,
The cricket no relief,
And the dry stone no sound of water.
There is shadow under this red rock

Since war begin in the minds if men, it is in mind of men that defences of peace must be constructed. “Belief and behaviour go together”, exhorted Dr.Radhakrishnan, “…. If we believe in blood, race and soil, our world will be filled with Buchenwalds. If we believe in universal spiritual values, peace and understanding will grow.” The contradictions inherent in ambitions make us ponder over the fate of man from the primitive age to the rat race so evident in today’s swiftly changing world. ...

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