Ambiguity In Understanding Women Characters In Short Stories

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Denis Umansky

Ambiguity in understanding women characters in short stories.

The prowess of a good writer lies in an area of catching reader's attention. The way author can make us think about his work, carefully analyzing events and making images of his characters. However, a real master doesn't give us exact answers to our questions, but leaves a space for our own imagination to reply on them. In the text of this essay I would like to highlight the ambiguity, in which protagonists of short stories are presented. As an example I will use images of Olenka from “The Darling” by Chekhov, Mme. Loisel from “The Necklace” by Maupassant and Mrs. Mallard from “The Story of an Hour” by Kate ...view middle of the document...

And this is marvelous and holy”(992). In this context her inability of self-

realization and mental development doesn't play a significant role. I agree with Tolstoy, that instead of “cursing” Olenka and showing us, what woman ought not to be, Chekhov “blessed” her and gave her purity and a soul full of love. We can't give a definite explanation to Olenka's image, because each person sees her differently (this was proved by my own experience), and only our imagination can help us in this case. In that I see the demonstration of Chekhov's genius. We also face the theme of ambiguity in understanding female character in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. When we start reading this narrative Mrs. Mallard appears to be a grieving widow. After she hears about her husband's death, she instantly begins crying “with sudden, wild abandonment in her sister's arms”(203). But as soon as she is been left alone another part of her soul reveals. This part is filled up with joy, because she realizes, that from this moment she is free. She will live the rest of her life for herself and no one will posses her. Because of this divide in her emotions we can perceive her image differently. On the one hand, she is a grieving and loving widow, who has rebellious thoughts for the moment, but then, when her husband returns she is so ashamed of her ideas and filled up with a joy, that she has a heart attack. On the other hand, author may be sarcastic in the last sentence and “...she died of the joy that kills” is an irony. So she isn’t happy to see her husband at all, and died...

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