Amazon Strategy Essay

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Amazon’s Strategic Initiatives

Initiatives to Minimize Litigation
Amazon like other large companies build their organization with a vision - from the vision the company develops the mission, goals, and objectives. Oftentimes during the life of an organization it becomes necessary for the organization to redefine the goals of the organization based on profitability, customer concerns, and internal, external, and international challenges.
Amazon’s mission and corporate governance states its commitment to excellence to stakeholders; the customer, employees, ...view middle of the document...

Amazon’s leadership must resolve these issues immediately. By allowing the issues to linger unresolved for more than 12 years the company continues to jeopardize its goal of maintaining customer trust and its commitment of excellence to stakeholders. As the company deal with litigations issues it should look at how lawyers and advisors handle cases and determine the need to increase or decrease the legal staff. The company should meet quarterly to address pending litigation and establish cut-off dates to closeout claims.
As the public continues to take an interest in corporate dealings it will become necessary for the company to reexamine the statements describing Amazon’s intent pertaining to each claim as the statements appear routine and insincere (Annual Report, 2012). Finally, the company have to hire the most qualified people in informational technology, management, and international law to stay abreast of new requirements and technology in the overseas market.
Business leaders experience risks daily. However, there are times when leaders fail to monitor regularly their current programs, management, employees, and new federally mandated requirements for business leaving them vulnerable to lawsuits. Amazon must not take for granted its position in the market. It has to continue to vigorously, plan, lead, organize, and control the...

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