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Amazon Evolution Essay

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Amazon Evolution

Amazon Evolution

Moving away from its core competency?
Amazon is not steering itself away from being the leading online retailer, in fact, it is not leading the industry; it is paving a new road. Amazon began simply as an online bookstore; it has evolved in the last 15 years to range from books to movies, latest technologies, and even food. Amazon set out to be the leading online retailer of books; they have now accomplished being the leading online retailer of most every product. With every business, getting started can be difficult but if the momentum is ever taken hold the company must run with it. This is what Amazon has done; they ...view middle of the document...

Information is a simple data when the customer can use. Amazon uses tracking information known as “Where’s my stuff” menu where customer can track their purchased shipment. The executives at Amazon must track the shipments weekly, monthly, and annually sales of products in order to make best decision about inventory management and distribution plans.
Amazon offers many service to the customer within its database. Amazon also uses MySQL database to meet performance demands on high-traffic Web applications for customers when they are surfing the Web. Customer information is secure within the Amazon database and they do not release the information to other third party members. Amazon has SimpleDB which is highly available, scalable, and flexible non-relational data store that offloads the work of database administration. (Amazon, 2010)

e-Business and e-Commerce for B2B and B2C
Amazon uses e-Business to conduct e-Commerce to buy and sell goods and services by means of the World Wide Web. By offering an array of different products online, Amazon is one of the largest business-to-customer (B2C EC) organizations. In e-business, Amazon’s website also includes servicing customers, collaborating with business partners by advertising as well as including other businesses links. Amazon’s e-business approach is for individuals who shop their global...

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