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Amazon Conservation Essay

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Biocultural diversity is the total variety of the world’s cultures and natural environments. Biocultural diversity is derived from the countless ways in which humans have interacted with their environments. Over generations, different societies have developed an array of different methods for managing their natural surroundings, some of which ensure minimal environmental impact and the sustainability of resource use.
In the past, the study of nature and of culture have been traditionally seen a separate realms but in the Amazon rain forest the Amazon Conservation Team believes that these two realms co-exist and without one there cannot be the other. ACT believes that the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest are not only motivated to protect the rainforest, but they are also the most capable. Their current lives and livelihoods depend on the forest. They know the forests better than anyone else ...view middle of the document...

ACT has also developed the Shaman’s and Apprentice program which saves medicinal knowledge of indigenous tribes by partnering elder medicine men with young apprentices to share ancient healing secrets of the rainforest, and to create potential for new discoveries. The apprentices help the shamans to diversify their knowledge base and provide training within the agricultural field as well as with basic accounting skills to help them survive in a large market.
A program like this in Canada would be very beneficial. To learn from elders of the First Nations would provide people with knowledge that they have used for thousands of years before any settlers came to North America. The knowledge as well as the cultural respect the First Nations people have for all living things, plants included, to be taught and shared with others in this country is priceless information. It would give all Canadians a new respect for the environment, it would teach us how to cherish and respect all living things. A program like this in Canada may also break down some of the stereotypes that some people have with the First Nations people, it may even teach all of us to respect not only the environment, but each other as well.
Deep in the Amazon jungle, the introductions of GPS and Google Earth have enabled and empowered the indigenous people to help protect the rainforest. ACT is working in partnership with local governments to train people in the use of GPS and the Internet to map and catalogue their forest home, helping to better manage and protect ancestral rainforests by monitoring deforestation and preventing illegal incursions on their land.
A program like this could be used in Canada, especially northern Canada, where there is a lot of illegal hunting and poaching activities going on. First Nations people along with the Inuit people would be able to monitor their lands and watch for illegal poaching of animals as well as any trespassing or other activities that may be happening on their lands.

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