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Amazon Balanced Scorecard Paper

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The goals and measurements of those goals that were determined for Frozen Bliss LLC in the balanced scorecard were derived from the previously stated vision, mission, values and SWOTT analysis. The smoothie industry has many growth opportunities, particularly with the advent of the health conscious individual who is looking for convenient alternatives to fast food. The following categories are breakdowns of each goal and how it relates to the overall strategy of Frozen Bliss.
In the financial category, Frozen Bliss is focused on obtaining a large percentage of the market share for their specific industry. This can be accomplished through the implementation and evaluation of ...view middle of the document...

A secondary goal in the customer category is to provide a quality product that is trendy. The smoothie industry is rapidly expanding, as is the health food industry, and Frozen Bliss has made it a priority to keep on top of the trends through ongoing research and custom created products that meet the customer’s individual needs. A final goal in the customer category is customer retention and frequent purchases. Customer retention is very important in this type of industry as repeat customers create a great deal of the revenue. It is far easier to obtain a profit from an existing customer than to put the time, money and marketing into acquiring a new one.
The primary goal in the process category is to focus on the growth of Frozen Bliss through the opening of new locations in areas including and outside of fitness clubs. There are various untapped expansion opportunities that can be utilized through franchise options, mall locations and stand alone options outside of the gym. This creates new venues to reach and acquire additional customers. The other goals in the process category are aligned to help enhance the growth and financial success of Frozen Bliss through the use of new technology and ongoing research into trends and new product offerings. Frozen Bliss is dedicated to remaining innovative with the equipment that they use to ensure customer satisfaction through the timeliness of the ordering process and the option of using...

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