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Amazon And Taobao Essay

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As Amazon, Taobao is the biggest competitor in China. It has 70% market share in China. Of course, Amazon is a very successful online business but in China it is not.
Quick search—Amazon Using a fast 64 500M memory Alpha servers and excellent Internet links. Amazon's site functionality is very convenient and fast. A general product description pages about 38K, can be used in an ordinary Modem Download within 13 seconds. Customers such as the Internet provides a great convenience. In addition to searching for options, customers can also browse 23 different topics, saving time online, increasing search speed. Although there is no tradition of the online bookstore presence, but the ...view middle of the document...

Customers like this approach because it eliminates the uncertainty of online shopping. Customer with the reaction time to evaluate websites competitiveness. If less than 30 minutes, giving customers a deep impression; day back, will not leave any impression to the customer; If after a week back, will lose a customer. This management method is very successful in America, but in China more people are like to direct communicate with the seller. Chinese people are more like to discuss the price, so Taobao has its own communication tool, is called Wangwang. Seller’s need to stay online for almost 12-14 hours every day, some sellers stay online for 24 hours because it is easy for buyers to communicate with them. If you have any questions you can ask them as soon as possible, you will receive the answer without one minute. Actually, Amazon’s E- mail service is already very quickly, but Chinese people don’t like to use E-mail, so it is not success in China.
Special service 1. Comparison shopping service (Shoptheweb) if you enter the Amazon online shopping, as long as you click Shoptheweb option, there will be a variety of commodities prices in different sites. Then, you can compare and select either a site you like merchandise. If this service into physical retail stores, can not only see an array of products, you can also see the same kind of goods at different prices at different websites. This is illustrated in a physical store cannot be achieved. 2 new gift registration service to send electronic thank you card for this service provides convenient links; Amazon's new network called the A9 search engine provides a new split-screen format, is satisfied with the product customers will provide tools product images show up. 3 fun-filled statistical functions Amazon Bookstore launched a statistical function, the reader if the input selected title, calculate the number of paragraphs and words of the book, but also that readers of the book on the readability of different ages. It even has calculated how many dollars it worth of each word of the interesting features. "The company website features some purely interesting," Bezos said, "This is Amazon's one of the reasons different from other companies, but also one of the characteristics of the Amazon staff and I think our customers will appreciate this practices. "4 Map Search (Map-insearch) Service August 17, 2005, Amazon launched regional search service that allows users to enter the virtual streets, began surface to provide users with detailed maps and driving directions search services. A9 image database has 35 million photos of city blocks, 22 cities...

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