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Amazing Brazil. Culture Essay

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Amazing Brazil !!

Brazil gets its name after a tree the pau-brasil. During the colonization period, the Portuguese extracted colored liquid to paint fabric/paintings. At first they called the country “Ilha de Vera Cruz". When they finally realized that it wasn’t a island they changed the name to "Terra de Santa Cruz" but again when they started to extract wood from a tree named "Pau-Brasil" to avoid losing the territory(from the French)they changed the name to "Brasil", known as Brazil.
Brazilians have a very different way of communicating. They tend to get close to each other when a conversation is taking place, and no matter what the relationship is between them. Between 30 and 40 ...view middle of the document...

Men are expected to be the family MAN! , aka the "provider". Women are expected to supervise the household, managing the upbringing/raising of kids. This includes taking them to the doctor, attending parent meetings, school homework, washing….. etc. For some crazy reason its ok to make comments or whistle at passing women is part of the local culture, and seems to be used by both parties. As expected, inside the workplace there are many more men in top decision-making positions than women. However the status of women in Brazil is considerably higher than in most Latin American countries.
Class plays a big part in the Brazilian society. The higher the class you belong to, the more respect you get. It is expected that servants not use the front door of a house, but the back or the side door, or accessing apartments in high buildings by the service elevator. Generally speaking if you are a daughter of a maid, chances are that you will be a maid as well, and so on and so on. Labor is Pretty darn cheap in Brazil, which allows the wealthy to have many servants (Slaves at low pay) and most middle-class homes have at least one maid. The servants do all household tasks, including babysitting, cooking, washing, laundry, cleaning, serving meals, feeding pets, etc….
Brazil is a country of many different races and ethnicity, many differ greatly. With the mixing of the peoples, new races came up in what is called "the different colors of Brazil". This is slightly out-of-date but, where Brazil was one a black and white nation back in the...

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