Altruism In Society Campaign Essay

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Altruism in Society Campaign
Felicia Y. Metcalf
March 19, 2013
Dr. Monica Gauna

Altruism in Society Campaign

Examine the effect the issue has on society

Domestic abuse is a touchy subject that has many effects on the people involved. It touches all levels of society. It is a widespread and very complicated issue that not only has an effect on our justice system, but also our workplaces and our communities. (“The effects of domestic violence on society,” 1998). According to Styles M.D. (2002) website, domestic violence is an experience that is ongoing, and is a physical, psychological, and/or sexual occurrence that usually occurs in homes and is used to establish power and control over another individual. The effects of domestic violence can be astronomical. It affects many genders and ages. The physical and psychological effects are destructive and damaging not only for the battered individual but also the batterer. As hard as the battered individual (also ...view middle of the document...

It can result in physical injury, neglect of children and psychological abuse. According to “Long term effects of domestic violence” (YYYY), “battering is the single major cause of injury to women, more significant than auto accidents, rapes, or muggings.” Women can develop medical difficulties as they grow older. Some of these have been identified as arthritis, heart disease, and hypertension. Battered women can often lose jobs due to illness or bruises, lose family and friends due to isolation and become embarrassed and withdrawn from supporters. Children who witness domestic violence demonstrate behavioral and emotional problems which can include anxiety, sleep disorders, excessive crying, and school problems. Boys who witness a father’s abuse of his mother are likely to inflict violence as an adult. Some data suggests that girls who witness domestic abuse are more likely to tolerate abuse when they become adults themselves. (“Long term effects of domestic violence,” YYYY).

Elements of Persuasion

To use elements of persuasion can be a very powerful tool, and should be implemented as domestic violence is a very serious issue. As a team our goal will be to influence our audience to voluntarily change their attitude (if needed) and behavior towards domestic violence. In order to have this happen, we must first be truthful in asserting our point in order to gain the trust of the audience. Once this has been accomplished, the next route of persuasion must be implemented. The choices are either a central route or a peripheral route. The route that must be taken in this instance is a central one. Domestic violence, as stated earlier, is such a big subject that knowing this must be discussed straight on.


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