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Alternative Work Essay

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In this paper I will inform the audience on the multiple types of alternative work options giving today in the workforce. I will list the multiple advantages and disadvantages of alternative work environments. I will breakdown these advantages and disadvantages from both the employee and employers viewpoints. All information researched will be properly cited and noted for the audience to gain further information.

Alternative Work Arrangements
In today’s work environment employers are willing to make flexible working schedules to meet the needs of their workforce. These alternative work arrangements can be flextime, telecommuting and job sharing. With having options like ...view middle of the document...

These disadvantages can make the idea of alternative work schedules not so appealing but I think with planning and research you can find what will work best for you.
Flextime offers the ability for employees to choose their own work hours within limits set forth by the company. For the employee this can work out great for their everyday lives. This gives employees a sense of control over their working hours and can increase their morale. This can also cause a disadvantage of friction among co-workers by lack of communication and thoughts of people not doing their job during their set hours. For the employer there can be a couple of advantages. The increase level of morale among their workers can increase the amount of production made within their company. The reduction of turnovers can increase their employee retention. The availability to run 24/7 allows the employer flexibility with their work flow. Disadvantages can be present also with this alternative work arrangement. Supervisors can feel their lack of control of employees is a downfall along with the stress of trying to keep the level of work fair among co-workers who might work different hours.
Telecommuting can give the employee the ability to work from the comfort of their own home or another location. As an employee there are many advantages to this option. One advantage is the cut down of travel time. The advantage is giving to employees to set their own hours. The increase in the amount of time with family due to decrease of traveling time is an advantage. A disadvantage of this option would be the loss of connection to the company causing lack of communication amongst co-workers. For the employer the benefits of this arrangement can be substantial. The reduction of cost of maintaining a building for your workforce can be cut. The wide range of availability of talented workers from all over the world can build a better work force for their company. The level of productivity and morale of their employees can be increased by eliminating distractions from an unproductive work environment. Some disadvantages to the employer can be lack of control of employees, decreased...

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