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Alternative medicine is something that has been around for thousands of years as Native Americans didn’t go to the drug store and pick up plastic pill bottles; they improvised with what they had and created various new medicinal techniques. Practices like these are starting to become more popular every day. It can range to anything from ancient Chinese recipes to the everyday chiropractor. They are environmentally friendly and for most of them are much cheaper than prescription drugs. They focus on treating the whole person not just physically but spiritually as well. It gives the individual receiving the medicine more attention, Prescription drugs were not made to fit just one person’s ...view middle of the document...

Before she was in the nursing home she loved working. By performing simple tasks such as setting the table they calm her down and give her purpose. The health center is now taking measures to figure out what their patients were like when they were young. By doing this they are letting people enjoy their lives more than they would while on antipsychotic drugs. Just this small step is a huge find for the medical world. When people are put into a nursing home it doesn’t make them any less of a person, there still human beings in every sense. They should be able to enjoy the last of their years by doing things that they love to do. The military also uses many forms of alternative medicine, A big one being acupuncture. In 2008 the navy put doctors they selected through a 300 hour acupuncture course. There was a clinic created in Afghanistan to treat concussions and minor physical injuries. After this there was evidence to make them believe that treating PTSD with acupuncture should be close to the same procedure to treat mild traumatic brain injuries. Cmdr. Keith Stuessi used acupuncture to treat more than 20 patients suffering from mild brain injuries, with the exception of two or three of them there were tremendous results. “I think a couple years down the road, this will be standard care.” – Cmdr. Keith Stuessi.
There are many debates and arguments over issues regarding alternative medicine. Many believe there is not as much scientific research behind them as there is prescription drugs. They have been known to on certain instances aggravate serious illnesses, it’s important that consumers know exactly what they are doing and the effects they may have on their body. That’s why it’s good to consult about alternative medicine choices with a doctor. Prescription drugs have also been found to be much faster. This is because alternative methods try to destroy the problem from the root. Prescribed drugs are also more convenient being that you can’t carry always carry a mortar and pestle on you but you can carry a...

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