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Alternative Marketing Essay

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Article #1: What’s the Buzz about Buzz Marketing? – Buzzing: What is it?
“People are buzzing about buzzing,” says Barbara Kahn, a marketing professor. Buzz Marketing is simply the practice of gathering individuals to try a product and let them do the talking, in other words, the word-of-mouth used to tell experience. The idea is, when people see other people are using a certain product, the probability of that person going to buy is higher. Words-of-mouth is recently developed by companies. However, “Buzzing isn’t really new. The hype about these different kinds of buzz agents is what’s new,” says Kahn. Buzz marketing takes a few forms known as ‘influencers’ or ‘early ...view middle of the document...

), is the key success factor in order to benefit from the positive word-of-mouth. However, an original product without any added value can get a negative word-of-mouth. Therefore, originality has to come with other value in order to make buzz marketing a success. Consequently, a good buzz marketing campaign can only have a chance of succeeding if it combines both originality and attractiveness from the consumer’s perspective.

Article #3: Lifestyles and Decision Making
Markets has been divided into different segmentations by the marketers based on different categories. This is because by dividing them into those groups or segmentations, it is possible to study them while it is difficult to study the mass market's attributes. One of the important categories market has been divided based on is lifestyle. Lifestyle is basically the way of living. It emerges from different social influences. It is also derived from the individual's personal value system and personality. So, focusing on this segmentation category, it is important for marketer to study the way the consumers live and how they spend their money as well as how they make their purchasing decisions. For example, blue jeans may serve as inexpensive, functional clothing to bluecollar workers,but as fashionable, self-expressive apparel to upper-class members. Moreover, lifestyles are results of many influences such as culture, social class, reference group and family. People's opinions, interests and activities tell how consumers spend their time and many other things. When marketers understand this, these variables can help reduce risk in the decision-making process.
Perceived risk which is the anxieties felt because the buyer cannot predict the result of the purchase is and to reduce the perceived risk there are some strategies such as pre purchase information search and shifting to less impact of realization of objectives.
Article #4: The New Lifestyle Marketing
By stop focusing on innovative technology and features and start focusing on lifestyle and design and the popularized categories of brands helped people to understand how products or services could fit into their lives. This insight helped to bring the idea of “Lifestyle Marketing” to the fore in the late 80s and early 90s. At the beginning of lifestyle marketing, they advertised brands, the ideas was that these brands are suitable for what kind of lifestyles and what kind of lifestyle you could attain by buying those brands. However, after that, lifestyle marketing has changed to change the changing the brands in order to suite the lifestyles of the target market (brand changing its products and services to fit your life) not the other way round as it was before (asked you to change your lifestyle to accommodate the brand) . The clear example of new lifestyle marketing is technology area and the example of Happy Baby makes frozen organic baby meals, which are suitable for busy lifestyle people as well...

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