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The extinction of fossil fuels was never an issue back in the day until the mid-1700s when the Industrial Revolution caused a major spike in the use of these resources. Now it's a crucial problem and there are predictions that by 2088, fossil fuels will completely run out (Ecotricity).These fossil fuels also have caused major issues with the environment in regards to global warming. In contrast to all these negatives, many countries rely on these fuels as a source of income and a major exported product. In order to not run out of these fossil fuels and save the earth, humans need to heavily consider alternative energy sources because they will last throughout history.
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This issue wasn't a great concern at the time it was discovered, but now after over a hundred years of burning fossil fuels, the issue is on the rise. The only seemingly reasonable solution to this problem is to use alternative energy because no burning is involved that causes carbon dioxide to escape into the environment.
During the Industrial Revolution the steam engine, diesel engine, airplane, and car were all invented. These are all powered by petroleum, coal, or natural gases which are all prime fossil fuels used as energy sources. At the time of the revolution, fossil fuels were the quintessential energy source because they were easy to get from earth and plentiful (MTI). Today there is still a myriad of fossil fuels left, but with the rate of fossil fuel depletion higher than ever at 3.4%, humans needs to think about the future of the earth and the next generation of people(Global). In order to fix this problem, either less power needs to be used,or alternative energy needs to be heavily considered. Being that humans are always going to need power, alternative energy will have to be considered to keep earth moving like it is now.
Alternative energy does not use up natural resources and doesn't affect the environment. These sources don't run out like fossil fuels. Examples of these would be solar power, wind power, and hydro power. The sun, wind, and water will never run out, but the problem with these alternative sources is the high cost to use them. The cost to get these sources are free because they are everywhere, but the real problem is that because the technology is limited it is very expensive to turn these sources into usable energy. For example, if somebody wants to buy a car solely ran on hydrogen it will cost them around $120,000 to $140,000 compared to an average car that runs on gas will cost around $30,000 (Healey). The cost of these product are so high due to the fact that the technology is so new.
On the positive side, fossil fuels have helped develop economies of many countries. For example, Saudi Arabia has the largest petroleum reserve and their economy is heavily dependent on the petroleum, bringing in around 336 billion dollars last year. Australia relies on coal to help their economy, bringing in 60 billion a...

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