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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a method used in courts and other areas of business as a means of resolving disputes. There are numerous forms of dispute resolution, negotiation which is the simplest of the forms; the most commonly used is arbitration as this uses neutral third party. Other forms of ADR are conciliation, mini trial, fact finding and in the court ...view middle of the document...

Within five days of the initial dispute, if a resolution cannot be reached by using the guidelines set forth in the team charter, the first method used will be negotiation, this method will allow the parties to engage in dialogue in an attempt to in negotiate and reach a voluntary settlement (Cheesman 2010). If the negotiation fails the next action taken will be that of arbitration/mediation. In this phase a neutral third party will be chosen as the arbitrator. The third party will be used as a mediator to assist in the resolution process.

All team members in the mediation process shall agree to meet on a designated date and time with the mediator. For this team setting all team members will agree to use the designated class facilitator as an exclusive administrator of any and all disputes among teams which include the arbitration and mediation process. The team shall agree that any decision that is reached in the arbitration and mediation phase shall be deemed the final decision and that the policy set forth will be governed as well and interpreted under the guidelines of The University of Phoenix.


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