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Alternative Dispute Resolution Essay

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Alternative Dispute Resolution for Learning Team Charter
Marla Phillips
January, 31, 2011
Errika Hise

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Learning Team Charter
Working in a team environment can be challenging and rewarding. The learning team charter outlines guideline for disputes among the team members. In the event that a dispute does arise the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will be used. The advantages of using the ADR is that team members can control how the dispute is settled, that it is settled in ...view middle of the document...

In the event that this cannot be done the mediation process will be used. The mediation process is a form of assisted negotiations were a person will be appointed to be the facilitator This person will be appointed by all the team members. The mediator will help the members communicate by listening to both sides of the dispute and try to recommend a resolution to the dispute. If the members are not able to come to a settlement then the dispute will go to the arbitration process.
During the arbitration process a person will be appointed by all members, the person appointed cannot be the person that was the mediator. The arbitrator must be unbiased to the disagreement, during this process any final decision will be final and binding. If the team fails to settle the dispute through any of the processes mentioned above, then the dispute will go before the instructor.
In the event that a disputes does arise among the team members and cannot be resolved between themselves, the member will use the Alternative Dispute Resolution. The ADR has various methods of settling disputes, the ones used within the learning team will be the negotiation, mediation, and arbitration methods. The team members have the opportunity to make the outcome of these methods legal and binding.

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