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Alternate Viewpoints On Corporate Wellness Plans

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Alternate Viewpoints On Corporate Wellness Plans
When it comes to the topic of healthy lifestyle habits, many might agree that these habits should be goals for every individual. Where this agreement ends, however, is when employers have ultimate control over your lifestyle habits. Many corporations are forcing employees to stop smoking, lose weight and improve their health to maintain employment and not be penalized (Cavico & Mujtaba, 2013). The authors explain that wellness plans will decrease stress, anxiety, absenteeism, and increase overall job satisfaction. While Cavico & Mujtaba do mention a few of the drawbacks, they maintain that corporate wellness plans are socially responsible ...view middle of the document...

9% of Americans are considered obese and 18.1% of Americans are smokers (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2014). These two groups alone could account for over half of the population in the United States looking for employment. If 60% of corporations within the next few years will not hire these individuals, their employment options will be limited. They may be forced to take a job for less pay, beneath their education level, or worse, unable to find employment. If over 50% of the population may be unable to find employment, they will be forced to obtain state health insurance, and collect unemployment checks. This backlash will increase the tax burden to all corporations and individuals alike. The cost to society could in turn be greater than the benefit of individual corporations, therefore, questioning the Utilitarian stance.

Another assumption made by the authors is that wellness programs will decrease stress, anxiety, and absenteeism while increasing productivity (p.112). By focusing on the physical attributes to health, the authors overlook the impact of mental illness in the workplace. Currently 18% of Americans experience mental illness in a year and the majority being in the 26-49-age range (National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 2012). This time period can be considered the prime working years of an individual’s career. In addition, the annual costs of lost wages in the United States due to mental illness are estimated at 193.2 billion (National Alliance on Mental Illness [NAMI], 2013). If corporations were looking at all defects of individuals that can potentially decrease profits, they would need to include mental illness. In the future, will corporations start testing urine for psychiatric medications in addition to nicotine? How far could corporations take this? While acknowledging there may be some overlap in...

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