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Altered States Essay

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September 30, 2015
Sheryl Zacchia
Intro Psychology

It all started back when by people just trying to find food to survive. It was just by accident that people found ways to alter the state of mind they were in. It was probably very scary and confusing the first time someone ate or drank something which made them see things or sleepy or wide awake. It became something people enjoyed or found to be of some medicinal use and it was accepted into their daily lives and became part of the way they lived. I am sure that within a group of people, there were ones who went a bit further in experimenting and so forth and found other more radical ways to enjoy a certain feeling so more of this plant or tea were consumed by the people and it evolved. It became known for its ...view middle of the document...

I know in the Native American culture, they used psychedelic drugs, to open their minds and souls into another realm of consciousness. They taught their children how the old people lived and tradition continued. I’m not too educated on any other culture using substances to do that so I cannot make a claim there. However, I was around and was a teenager in California during the 1970’s, and the 1980’s and 1990’s are a blur to me, so I had first-hand experience as to why people used drugs to alter their state of mind.
People liked being high, they liked being happy, laughing, feeling good. Being high opened up your mind to other possibilities in life. It was exciting, it was experimental. It was new and people felt good, they were sociable at parties, they were popular. Let’s face it, sometimes reality sucked. That’s the way the world I belonged to looked from the eyes of a young adult. If you went to college you escaped the drugs to a point, but you were at least educated and had a future. Those who continued down the pathway with drugs as their sidekick, were eventually no longer popular or sociable. It became a way of life instead of a recreation and then reality really, really did suck. I was somewhere in the middle of it all. Never totally a failure and addicted but definitely did my share and saw the dark side of the moon for a long time. I was smart and did have a chance at a career. It all seems so silly now to look back on those days. But staying on the subject. I think there are many simple reasons some cultures used mind altering drugs, very simple innocent reasons and used it for the good it could do for them. On the other hand, drugs have also been used by persons to create a culture that control people’s minds and thoughts and used them for very many complicated bad reasons. I just know I’m glad I survived but am also glad I had the experience.

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