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Allstate Insurance Co Essay

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MAY 4, 2011

Within this paper I will be analyzing Allstate Insurance Company model for goal setting. While reading this assignment the reader should understand Allstate’s competitive advantage of diversity and if they have an effective goal setting process. I have several recommendations for Allstate’s high performance reward system.
According to The American Heritage Dictionary, the word diversity is defined as the state or fact of being different. Indeed, Allstate Insurance Company has prided them as being different from other insurance companies; Allstate uses diversity in ...view middle of the document...

Also, they gain a competitive advantage in their recruitment of employees. Let’s say for example, that a company does not have women candidates or is not recruiting enough. They are probably not asking the right questions such as “If we do not have any women candidates, what are we not doing to ensure that more women are hirable, trained, and promoted?” Leaders and managers in the Allstate organization are responsible for proactive hiring and promotion. Creating an environment that people feel comfortable working in is a top priority at Allstate. If the worker feels comfortable in their environment, then they will attract more customers. Another recruiting tactic at Allstate is hiring people that come to them as potential or existing customers. Allstate also expands its recruitment process to college campuses. Especially historically black campuses and also college campuses in Puerto Rico, as they wish to attract black and Spanish speaking clientele.
  If they do not already have a high-motivation, high performance plan for helping
employees reach diversity goals, here is what I suggest that Allstate do. Some workplaces do not know how to motivate their employees. This may be due in part to a person’s age, race, or belief system. If you keep up morale at the workplace, it will lead to happier employees, which in part leads to happier clientele. Therefore, performance appraisal is very important. Who wants to come to work day after day and do their best if they do not get kudos in some way or another if they are not recognized for what they do well? Good leaders must acknowledge good deeds and work of the employees in order for that employee to do their best. This is where goal setting comes into play,...

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