“Allowing The Same Sex To Get Married”

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A wide variety of groups that reflect on gay rights and their popular opinions are truly consequential from these many assemblage. The only major nostalgia that homosexual’s yearn for is to have the same rights as heterosexuals, homosexuals want nothing more or nothing less. Homosexuals are a growing minority with nearly a million gays and lesbians’ identifying themselves as members of same-sex couples in the 2000 census. “Exception of that the gay population is much larger, since the census didn’t provide an opportunity for single homosexuals to identify their sexual orientation, and didn’t count gay couples who live apart (Mason 1).”
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Homosexual couples will love each other whether they are married or not, so stopping them from being able to marry will not make them disappear. If anything, homosexuals will be more outspoken because they want to feel like they belong in the United States. Many people argue that matrimony is a spiritual ceremony, but that is only true if a person wishes to make it religious.
According to the constitution, matrimony does not have to be between a male and a female. The real implication of the constitution’s statements on marriage ceremony is that, “intimate association of consenting adults who want to share their lives and commitment with each other (Stoddard 34).” That same-sex couples have just as much intimacy and need for marital privacy as heterosexual couples and any laws allowing heterosexual. “However not same-sex, couples to marry infringes upon and discriminate against their fundamental right (Stoddard 34).” More recently, a 1967 the Supreme Court announced, “Marriage is one of the most basic civil rights of man…essential to the pursuit of happiness (Stoddard 52).”
Men and women alike all want to reach happiness, and our country may be keeping homosexuals to reach this state of mind because some people do not deem it necessary for same-sex couples to marry. Letting homosexuals wed will not hinder our society in any way, European countries that have legalized same-sex marriages have not seen any changes in their countries other than feeling more unified. If the government allows homosexuals to wed each other, our country will be taking a little step towards the future.
For the most part people view the armed forces as a way to give back to their country, but are it fair to not allow certain people serve their country? Openly homosexual people cannot be in the arm forces. Even though there have been homosexuals in the services, they are not acknowledged and that sexual preference is ignored. Several gay men and lesbians in the armed forces are ostracized for their lifestyle choices and most drops out because of the open discrimination against them, or they are dishonorably discharged. The armed forces has a “Don’t ask, don’t tell policy where it is made clear that if you are homosexual, no one wants to know (Burrelli 1).”
Homosexuality acts and acknowledging ones own homosexuality is banned in the military, according the David F. Burrelli in a CRS Issue Brief in 1996. Homosexuals are for the most part banned because, when asked in a survey, 75% of men in the military and 50% of women in the military strongly opposed gays in the military. The men and women, who strongly oppose gays in the services, said that if “Homosexuals are allowed into the military, gays should expect violent repercussions (Burrelli 2).” To many, these statistics seem like a threat to any homosexual that intends to join the services.
By explanation, a patriotic American does not have to be heterosexual,...

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