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Allocation Of Chip Modules By Superposition Technique For Controlling Module Temperatures

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Suriyon Chomdee Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50200

ABSTRACT This paper presents the approach of superposition technique that includes the adiabatic convective heat transfer coefficient and the thermal wake function for calculating module temperatures mounted on printed circuit board with air cooling. The technique has been modified for adjusting the positions of the chip modules for controlling their temperatures not to exceed a set value. Some examples have been carried out and the procedure developed has ...view middle of the document...

In this part the second method is modified to adjusting the chip modules mounted on the circuit board for controlling the module temperature not to exceed the required limit. MODULE ADJUSTMENTS Fig. 1 shows the examples of air cooling in electronic modules mounted on a circuit board with in-line and staggered module arrangements. The dimensions of the modules and their spacings are also given in the figure. The module temperature at any position could be calculated by[Arvisu and Moffat, 1982]
 q Tk − T0 =  k h A  k k  k −1  + ∑i =1θ k −i (Ti − T0 ), i < k . (1)  

qk is the internal heat generation in the kth chip, Ak is the heat transfer area and hk is adiabatic heat transfer coefficient and θk is thermal wake

function which is the fraction temperature increase of the kth component due to heat release from the other elements. The values of hk and θk could be calculated from

hk =

qk onlyqk ≠ 0 , Ak (Tk − T0 ) Tk − T0 qi ≠ 0, qk = 0 Ti − T0



θ k −i =




V B Bx




Cyy = 0, InlineArray




By V0 V

Row 1 k =1


Row 2 N =1

Row 3 N = 2

Row 4 N = 3 k =4

Row 5 N = 4 k =5

k =2

k =3

Fig. 1. Air cooling in a circuit board. Both hk and θk depend on the module shape, module spacing, module position, inlet air temperature and inlet air Reynolds number. There are correlations for estimating the values in entrance region and fully developed flows in case of in-line and staggered square and rectangular module arrangements [Anderson and...

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