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Allegory English 12 Narcissistic King Essay

816 words - 4 pages

Tamara McKnight
Mrs. Price
English 12
September 26, 2010

The Narcissistic King
In a small village in China, there lived a King whose name was Tyler. He was the ruler of the village and he lived in a huge palace. The village, however, was very poor and they were beginning to run out of food to eat. Since Tyler was the ruler, he was able to obtain food from other parts of the world whenever he couldn’t get food locally. No one in the village knew that he was bringing food from other countries to his palace but a chubby village woman named Felicity. She had witnessed one of his servants getting the large quantities of food off of a big truck. It seemed as if Tyler had everything he ...view middle of the document...

The entire village was furious.
When King Tyler found out that Felicity had told everyone what he was doing, he decided to lie and make an announcement saying that he was gathering up enough food for everyone in the village so that he could surprise them. He went on to say that he would be leaving for Japan to retrieve more food for them. After his announcement, he sent one of his servants to see the reaction of the people in the village. When the servant went into the village, he was surprised at what he had seen. Everyone was starving, but they were still joyful. One of the villagers told the servant that everyone was being so positive because being around their loved ones made them happy and helped them to have faith and optimism. When he went back to King Tyler to report what he had seen, King Tyler thought to himself “how can they be starving but live cheerful?”
Weeks went on and King Tyler became upset at the happiness that everyone was feeling because he thought that he was putting them through agony with what he was doing. King Tyler sat in his thrown and began to think about what he had been...

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