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Allan Mulally, Ceo, Ford Motor Company

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Allan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company
Laverne Oliver
Professor Thomas Swinney
BUS 520
November 13, 2011
Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company
Leadership and learning are essential to each other. Some believe that leaders and born and others believe that leader are made. An individual natural gift such as talents and traits, aids in understanding one’s potential role of leadership. However, personal traits are not the only tools needed to become an effective leader. Experience, mentoring, and training are also important factors in the role of leadership, and are learned and developed through the lifetime of an individual.
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They are clear about their core values, avoid pretense and own their truth without blaming” (Moriarty, M (2007), para. 6).
Discuss Mulally’s Leadership Style at Ford Motor Company and provide examples of how his actions fit this style.
The leadership styles that Mulally demonstrate in the Ford Motor Company are behavioral model of leadership, consideration, and initiating structure. “Behavioral model of leadership focuses on what leaders actually do and how they do it” (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011, p. 300). Mulally’s focused on communication and felt that having open communication would lead to an effective organization. Mulally also made sure that all of the employees knew what the goals of the organization were as well as the definition of the company. Hellriegel & Slocum (2011) states, consideration is the extent to which the leader has relationships with subordinates that are characterized by mutual trust, two-way communication, respect for employees’ ideas, and empathy for their feelings. Mr. Mulally makes sure that everyone knows the plan and there are no secrets. Mr. Mulally communicates with his employees’ by having meetings every Thursday at the same time so no one can say they were not aware of the meeting. With this style, it focuses on the direction of the company through communication, planning, and delegating.
Mr. Mulally also demonstrated leadership by creating plastic cards with the goals listed on one side and the definition of the company for every employee. Mr. Mulally developed a reporting system using colors that all employees would use to draft reports. As discussed in the case study, all managers used green for their reports at the first meeting until they were given instructions to be honest and tell what things are going well and what things are going bad. Once the lines of communication were clear, leaders were able to turn in reports utilizing the correct color code.

Discuss how Goal setting helped Ford Improve its Performance
Strategic planning, whether long term or short term should be included in any organizational goal setting. Two purposes for setting goals are “they build task-centered relations with employees that focus on quality and quantity of work accomplished goals and are considerate and supportive of employees’ attempts to achieve personal goals (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011, p. 300).” The goals of Ford Motor Company were clear and concise and to all employees’ as they received a plastic card from the CEO listing them. The goal was difficult but not impossible to achieve as Mr. Mulally sold several car companies to focus more on Ford. Ford’s goal commitment was evident by the reports given in the weekly meetings when the leaders discussed the progress and lack of progress the organization was making. The weekly meeting also allowed Mr. Mulally, along with the other leaders, to develop a strategy to improve the organization
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