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All You Need To Know About Ireland And Its Turbulant History

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Notes about Irelands, very useful4a) Globalization has had a beneficial effect for Irish labor. The country has low unemployment (4.6% as of June 2002). Minimum wage has risen from 5.97 to 6.35 euros an hour. The Irish labor force has many legal protections, including the right to association and the right to organize and bargain collectively. They also have paid time off, sick leave, social security, workday breaks, and protection against unfair dismissal. These laws are all very similar to US labor laws. Thirty one percent of the Irish labor forces are union members.4b) The environment in Ireland has suffered severely from growing industry and economic development. 45% of Irish drinking ...view middle of the document...

Women make up 48.6% of the work force. The Irish economy is not supported by child labor. Child labor laws are spelled out in the Protection of Young Persons Act, which took effect in 1997. This law complies with EU and international labor laws, which dictate age and hour restrictions for employing minors in Ireland. The laws are very similar to United States child labor laws.4e) Globalization has had a positive effect on the overall standard of living in Ireland. Ireland has a high standard of living, ranking fourth in the world behind the US, Switzerland, and Luxemburg. Ireland also has a high cost of living with is demonstrated through high housing and gas costs. Life expectance is at 78.99 years, which is very high, even for a developed nation.5. Overall, Ireland has benefited from participation in the global economy. It has modernized from an agricultural to a service sector economy, and though it is small nation, Ireland plays an important role in the European Union. Ireland's economic growth rate has been four times that of the EU average, with current average growth at 8% a year. The Irish economy boomed in the last decade and was termed the "Celtic Tiger", named after the formerly fast growing Asian economies. Government support of foreign investment through tax incentives helped to encourage international economic investment and strengthen Ireland's economic base. Ireland has mostly used exportation to account for it's...

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