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All What's In Me Essay

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Female Sterilization | Safe & simple surgical procedure which provides permanent contraception for women who do not want more children. Also known as bilateral tubal ligation that involves cutting or blocking the two fallopian tubes | Permanent method, a single procedure leads to lifelong, safe & very effective contraception, No supplies needed & no repeated clinic visits required, does not interfere with sex, no unknown side effects, does no interfere with sex | Uncommon complications of surgery, do not protect against sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, permanent- ...view middle of the document...

Condom is inserted into the erected penis preventing the sperm from getting in contact with the egg cell. | Safe and has no hormonal effect, protects against microorganisms causing STI’s/ HIV, encourages male participation in Family Planning, easily accessible, is used in managing premature ejaculation | May cause allergy for people who are sensitive to latex or lubricant, may decrease sensation, making sex less enjoyable for other partner, interrupts the sexual act, requires a man’s cooperation for its use |
Injectibles | Contain synthethic hormone, progestine which suppresses ovulation, thickens cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to pass through & changes uterine lining. Drug containing progestine is injected into the body to suppress ovulation making sperm difficult to pass through the uterine lining | Reversible, no need for daily intake, does not need daily intake, does not interfere with sexual intercourse, has beneficial non-contraceptive effects, does not affect breast feeding quality and quantity of milk not affected, and has no estrogen side effects. | Vaginal spotting even before the regular menstrual period. |
Lactating Amenorhea Methodor LAM | Temporary introductory postpartum method of postponing pregnancy based on physiological infertility experienced by breast feeding women. It is used fully or nearly fully breastfeeding her infant, infant is less than 6 months. | LAM is universally available to all postpartum breastfeeding women, protection from an unplanned pregnancy begins immediately postpartum, improve maternal & child health & nutrition | Short term Family Planning method which is effective only for a maximum of 6 mons. Postpartum, the effectiveness of LAM may decrease if a mother & child are separated for extanded periods of time (working mothers) |
Mucus/Billings/ Ovulation | Abstaining from sexual intercourse during fertile (wet) days prevents pregnancy. It is done by recording menstrual & dry days, inspecting underwear regularly for presence of mucus. | Can be used by any woman of reproductive age s long as she is not suffering from an unusual disease or condition that result in extraordinary vaginal discharge that makes observation difficult. | Cannot be used by woman with th following conditions; Medical conditions that would make pregnancy especially dangerous. |
Basal Body Temperature | Identifying the fertile & infertile period of a woman’s cycle...

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