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All Summer In A Day Essay

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The children all stepped back as Margot slowly came out of the closet. With their heads down in shame, the cold not see the clear expression of pain of Margot’s small features.
“The sun,” she whispered quietly, barely audible and without emotion.”The sun.” Suddenly and without warning, all the frustration and pain that had been welling up inside Margot exploded, like a balloon popped by a needle. As these emotions turned into tears, a new emotion began to seep into her soul. This emotion was new to Margot; it was deep, pure, and longing. Every tear that escaped Margot’s eyes reminded her of all the things she wanted. Every tear also took a small shard of pain away from Margot, until there was no more pain and no more tears to be shed.
After the last desolated tear rolled down her face, she silently looked up. Sixteen pairs of concerned eyes met her. One by one, the children wrapped their arms around Margot’s body. She soon realized that these were the people who had ...view middle of the document...

“She’s coming!” William exclaimed loudly. The children stepped away from the doorway, allowing Margot in. Margot was curious about what had made the children so elated. William took a step towards her, holding something unseen behind his back.
“Its from your poem,” William continued, “your poem about the sun. We can’t give you the sun, but we remembered how you compared it to this.” He said, holding out the delicate craft. Another girl stepped up. “Our parents helped us make it, since none of us really remember what flowers look like.”
Margot hesitated as she cautiously held the craft. As her brittle fingers touched the stem, a strong sense of nausea abruptly struck. The room began to spin as Margot closed her eyes and dropped to the floor.
“Margot, honey?” said a strangely familiar voice. “Sweetie, can you hear me?” The woman’s tone was so full of concern that her voice wobbled with every syllable.
“Mom?” asked Margot, opening her eyes. The first thing that she saw was a blinding bright light “Ohhh.” She groaned, quickly shutting them again.
“Yes, yes dear, I’m right here!” exclaimed her mother. “Oh, I’m so glad you are alright!” Margot tried opening her eyes for the second time. This time she willed herself not to shut them. Her mother’s wary face sprung into view.
“Wha-what happened?” stammered Margot, unsuccessfully trying to sit up.
“Oh, you have been so sick, I’ve been so worried!”
“I’ve been…sick?” questioned Margot.
“Yes honey, you have been out cold for a day and a half! I was so worried; you kept muttering nonsense in your sleep.”Something about a flower?” Like a bell being turned on, the dream came whooshing back; William, Venus, the flower, everything! Margot gasped, and her mother looked at her with concern.
“All a dream,” She whispered. “Only a dream.”
“Yes. Only a dream,” comforted her mother. “It’s okay, everything will be okay now.”
“Yes,” replied Margot. “Everything’s okay now.” A feeling of tiredness washed over her, and she lied back down in her bed. As her eyes slowly began to shut, Margot finally noticed what the bright light had been. It was the sun, shining brilliantly through her bedroom window.

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