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All Stressed Out Essay

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58 PsychSim 5: All Stressed Out


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Date: 9/17/12

This activity examines the way that psychologists conceptualize stress, emphasizing that stress is a biopsycho-social process. You will explore the sources of stress in your own life, review your body’s
response to stress, and then learn how cognitive appraisal dramatically affects how much stress you
actually experience.

Checking the Level of Stress in Your Life
• What was your “Stress Test” score? ____39________
• Do you think that such a test accurately captures your experience? What other stressors should ...view middle of the document...

It then mobilizes its resources to preserve homestasis against your reaction to the stressor. If the stressor continues, those resource will be reduced abd eventually exhausted.

PsychSim 5: All Stressed Out 59

The Biology of Stress
• Although both men and women experience the fight-or-flight syndrome, some scientists argue that
women also can experience stress differently (tend-and-befriend). Briefly explain this hypothesis.

University of California psychologist Shelley Taylor and her colleagues have suggested that although fight-or-flight characterizes the primary physiological responses to stress for both men and women, behaviorally, women’s responces are more marked by a pattern of tend-and-befriend. Tending involves activities that are desighned to protect the self and especially, any offspring. Befriending involves the creation and maintenance of social networks.

• Can you think of why this alleged gender difference in fight-or-flight and tend-and-befriend may
“make sense” from an evolutionary perspective?
It is likely that our neuroendocrine and behavioral stress responses evolved from the ways in which our ancestors met serious, even life-threatening challenges. The idea that males and females have been selected for different responses under stress appears to make sense because, through this gender division of strategies, offspring may have the greatest chances of surviving dangerous situations.

• Outline the body’s...

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