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Running Head: Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
Veronica Maven
Strayer University
CIS 359
Professor James WILHOIT
July 18, 2011

The primary objective of disaster recovery planning is to protect the school district in the event that all or part of its operations and/or computer services is rendered unusable. Preparedness is the key. The planning process should minimize the disruption of operations and ensure some level of organizational stability and an orderly recovery after a disaster.
Other objectives of disaster recovery planning include providing a ...view middle of the document...

Each functional area of the organization should be analyzed to determine the potential consequence and impact associated with several disaster scenarios. The risk assessment process should also evaluate the safety of critical documents and vital records..

4. Establish priorities for processing and operations the critical needs of each department. The organization should be carefully evaluated in such areas as functional operations key personnel
information processing System service documentation vital records policies and procedures
processing and operations should be analyzed to determine the maximum amount of time that the department and organization can operate without each critical system.
Critical needs are defined as the necessary procedures and equipment required to continue operations should a department, computer center, main facility or a combination of these be destroyed or become inaccessible.
5. Determine Recovery Strategies

The most practical alternatives for processing in case of a disaster should be researched and evaluated facilities, hardware Software Communications Data files Customer services

Written agreements for the specific recovery alternatives selected should be prepared, including the following special considerations:

• Contract duration
• Termination conditions
• Testing
• Costs
• Special security procedures
• Notification of systems changes
• Hours of operation
7 .Organize and document a written plan
An outline of the plan’s contents should be prepared to guide the development of the detailed procedures. Top management should review and approve the proposed plan. The outline can ultimately be used for the table of contents after final revision. Other benefits of this approach are that it:
• Helps to organize the detailed procedures
• Identifies all major steps before the writing begins
• Identifies redundant procedures that only need to be written once.
• Provides a road map for developing the procedures

A standard format should be developed to facilitate the writing of detailed procedures and the documentation of other information to be included in the plan. This will help ensure that the disaster plan follows a consistent...

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