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All Cargo Logistics Essay

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Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd.

Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd. is today a leading multinational company providing integrated logistics solutions.
Allcargo offer specialized logistics services across Multimodal Transport Operations, Container Freight Station Operations and Project & Engineering Solutions. Benchmarked quality standards, standardized processes and operation excellence across all the services and facilities, have enabled us to emerge as the market leader in all these segments.
Promoted by Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty and managed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd. has established steady growth, overcoming ...view middle of the document...

At Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd., they believe in investing continuously in their people, infrastructure, facilities and systems making their services consistent across all their offices in India and globally. So when you choose to partner with Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd., you choose to
* Save logistics costs
* Ensure on-time deliveries
* Aim for excellence.
Apart from offering comprehensive transportation and global logistics solutions, they are constantly in the process of adding a host of services to their existing portfolio so allcargo can serve you better across the entire spectrum of ytheir logistic requirements.
Vision & Mission
Vision Statement
"To be a global market leader in LCL and Project Logistics whilst achieving market leadership in CFS/ICD and Equipment Hiring Divisions in India, through excellence: in process management, safety and human capital. To expand in Emerging Areas of Supply Chain "
Mission Statement
"Provide Quality Enriched Logistics Solutions by proficiently using Innovative Methods and Advanced Technology through a Spirit of Partnership"
Quality Policy
To be the preferred and trusted partner in providing logistics solutions leading to customer delight through:
* Continual Improvement
* Innovative Processes
* Effective Review System
* Customer Focused Employees
Container Freight Stations / Inland Container Depot

Complete range of services - under one roof!
Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd. is today a leader in the CFS/ ICD operations arena. Their complete service package offering is a commitment to satisfy their clients. All their facilities are 100% pilferage-free, safe and secure zones, and their service standards are a benchmark in the industry.
Their CFS/ ICD services include
* Import handling - Port movement, handling and delivery of container to end customer.
* Export handling - Cargo carting, stuffing, custom clearance, and movement to port.
* LCL shipment - Handling, consolidation, stuffing, de-stuffing and reporting.
* Bonded & Open Warehouse - Scientific storage of cargo with planned inventories and streamlined processes.
* Transportation - Complete end-to-end service that includes pick-up and drop to specified locations.
* Specialized cargo - With container lashing, choking and palletizing services to secure cargo and prevent damage during transit.
* Documentation - All import and export operation entries including customs documentation and related formalities are computerized.
* Maintenance & Repair of dry container - Allcargo provide complete repair, allcargolding, cleaning and washing services as required, to maintain seaworthiness of containers.
* Reefer monitoring service - All necessary equipments are available to monitor and regulate temperatures of reefer containers and ensure maintenance of optimal temperatures as per recommendations.
* Hazmat handling -...

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