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All About Me Lesson Plan Essay

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* The student will be able to learn the characteristics of a graph.
* The student will be able to record data.
* The student will be able to help organize information on a graph.
* The student will be able to discuss, compare, and contrast information presented in graphs.
* The student will be able to understand the concept of and use language to describe how many, more than, least between and greatest, same and equal to, greater, more, most, less, fewer, and smallest.
* The student will be able to create a family tree of their family.
* The student will be able to explore their family heritage.
* The student will be able to develop an understanding ...view middle of the document...

2. The student will create a name picture, by decorating the letters of their name on large sheet of paper.
3. The student will create a body art, by having each student trace another student body on concrete with chalk.
4. The student will play a game with another students, by matching expression on index cards.
5. The student will create a healthy plate, by cutting, and pasting pictures of healthy food from a magazine on to a plate.
6. The student will practice proper hand washing techniques, and brushing teeth.
7. The student will create exercise movements that they can use daily.
8. The student will create a healthy snack (fruit salad) by mixing different varieties of fruit.
9. The student will create a family tree.
10. The student will create a family class book, with pictures of their family, and what they like to do together.
11. The student will create a paper doll of a family member that is special to them.
12. The student will create a picture showing how much they love their family.
13. The student will locate on the map where their ancestors were born.
14. The student will bring pictures from home of family trips they took together, and share them with their classmates.
15. The student will sit in a circle and sing the “1, 2, 3 you Are Friends with Me” song.
16. The student will draw a picture of their family home, and compare their pictures with other family homes.
17. The student will create a family portrait.
18. The student will learn about eyes and what our eyes help us do.
19. The student will look through binoculars, and look around the classroom with their binoculars.
20. The students will use the binoculars that they created and go on a safari hunt.
21. The student will do an experiment with their ears. First they will put their fingers behind their ears, and gently push them toward the front of their...

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