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All About Me Essay

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Kimberly R. Washington
I am motivated to provide the best service possible with my ability to help others. During the process, I learn something new myself. I have been true to the definition of a team player and willing to try new things that help me to improve personally as well as professionally.

Hunters Lane Comprehensive High School August 1988 – June 1992 - General Studies
Nashville College of Medical Careers July 1998 – September 1999 - Medical Office Specialist
Capella University March 2012 to Current - Business Administration Program
University of Phoenix-Dallas February 2014 to Present –Management Program

Work Experience

Customer Service Agent
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Reddy, M.D., Pediatrics ▪ 1916 Patterson St #600, Nashville, TN
Sign in patients, insurance verification, receipt of copayments & deductible and height and weight measurements

Office Manager
June 2000 to November 2000
Mene S. Zua, M.D., Nashville Digestive Disease Center ▪ 1308 Briarville Rd.
Nashville, TN
Sign in patients, insurance verification, receipt of copayments & deductible and height and weight measurements


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