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Alignment Of Strategies Essay

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This paper will analyze methods of ensuring Marriott’s Human Resources (HR) strategy aligns with the company’s business strategy and the job positions and responsibilities of the HR department. The paper will then address personal preferences and reasoning. Finally, the paper will discuss methods of improving Marriott’s competitive advantage and three ways they can increase diversity.
Ensuring HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy
One way a company can ensure the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy is to organize the HR department to be a strategic entity. This would entail every aspect of HR – hiring, training, development, ...view middle of the document...

One position is the Director – Human Resources. Specific responsibilities include “talent acquisition, succession/workforce planning, performance management and development for property employees, using technology efficiently, and coaching/developing others to help influence and execute business objectives in the most efficient manner” (, n.d., para 3). Another position is the Human Resources Manager. This position oversees the performance of the daily activities of the HR Office and includes talent acquisition, compensation and benefits and employee training and development ( n.d). A third position would be Assistant – Human Resources. This is an entry level position with basic responsibilities such as answering phones, filing, tracking and processing employment applications, preparing correspondence and communicating with new employees regarding orientation (, n.d.)
Personal Preference and Reasoning
Of all these positions, the best fit for me is the Human Resources Manager. In this position, I would be able to lead a team of professionals who are continually working for the benefit of the employees and the company in general. Overseeing recruiting gives me the ability to ensure the next generation of Marriott employees at a specific location continues the strong traditions of the location. I would also be able to influence the satisfaction of current employees by ensuring my team can address any issues and questions regarding their benefits. Perhaps the most enticing aspect is the ability to establish the training and development program. This is a critical aspect of keeping employees satisfied and I would relish the opportunity for involvement. My personal strengths are tailor made for the HR Manager positon and I look forward to completing my Masters in order to round out my qualifications.
HRM strategies to improve competitive advantages
One way an HRM strategy can improve competitive advantage is through compensation. This would entail designing a compensation package that is more enticing than other companies in the hospitality industry. Marriott already has a stellar reputation and people want to work for this organization. Capitalizing on their reputation and appropriately compensating employees will result in allowing only the best employees being selected. Of note, the compensation is not merely referring to salary but can also include a flexible work schedule, increased paid time off (vacation time), job-sharing or other items that increase work-life balance.
Another way to gain a competitive advantage is to ingratiate the company into the community.  The company can participate in community service days or start scholarships. Anything that gets the company's name out there and having people associate it with positive things for the community.  It makes people want to work for this type of company and can increase the application pool.

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