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Aliens Exist: Argumentative Essay

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Wes Bodnar
Mrs. Mckeown
Honors English 10
9 December 2015
Extraterrestrial Life Really Does Exists
Philosophers and astronomers alike have always been always asked one question, “Are we alone?” The existence of alien life has been a controversial topic since before the earliest civilizations. There have been countless hoaxes trying to prove the existence of aliens, but there are also a number of compelling reasons that support the existence of alien life. For example, there is a high probability they exist based on statistics, because life can travel from planet to planet, and there have been thousands of extraterrestrial sightings and encounters; it is highly probable that aliens ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, it is explained why aliens should exist mathematically:
Here’s another way to think about it: there is some probability p that a randomly selected planet will form life on it within a billion years. If p is sufficiently small, then there would be almost no chance of any life forming, including our own, and hence we should not exist. If p is sufficiently large, then life would exist almost everywhere in the universe. The only way that we should expect to be the one and only planet with life is if p is just right to produce about one planet with life over all the years and on all the planets that have ever existed. But we have no evidence whatsoever indicating that p should be perfectly balanced in this way, indicating that the chance of alien life is a good one. (Do Aliens Exist?)
In this excerpt it is easily explains why aliens theoretically should exist. It explains that since we don’t know if the universe has been perfectly balanced to contain only one planet with life, that there must be other planets with the same conditions as Earth. This means there must be other planets with life! Based on these theories and the massive size of our universe it is evident that aliens do exist, but these aren’t the only reasons why alien life can proved.
Secondly, it can be proven that there is life other places besides Earth, because life can travel from planet to planet. There are many life forms on Earth that can survive in space such as Water Bears, and many forms of bacteria. This fact alone proves that bacteria from our planet could have gone into space millions maybe billions of years ago. Some may ask how life from a planet could even reach space, but that question has been answered! “During a major impact the material immediately around the impact is vaporized…Just beyond the ““automatically dead zone”” is a thin ring where material from the planet’s surface can be thrown into space smoothly.”(Do Aliens Exist?) This quote explains that when a meteor makes contact with a planet there is a thin layer that survives the blast, and some of that layer is launched into space. When a giant meteor hit Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs the material that survived and shot out into space could have impacted another planet and thus creating alien life! That is actually what panserpermists believe happened to our planet. This isn’t just an idea; however, it actually makes a lot of sense. As soon as Earth was capable of supporting life microorganisms were already all over Earth. With this in mind it is very likely that other planets have undergone the same process, and if we were struck by a meteor containing life then that life had to come from somewhere. We know of organisms that can survive in space, we know of life that existed before Earth, and it’s possible that organisms can safely enter space; all of this suggests that extraterrestrial life exists for a fact.
Additionally, there have been...

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