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Alienation Is A Common Result Of Migration

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Alienation is a common result of migration
“Migration is a process of communal change where an individual, alone or accompanied by others, because of one or more reasons of economic betterment, political disruption, education or other purposes, leaves one environmental area for prolonged stay or permanent settlement in another geographical area. Any such process involves a first a sense of loss, displacement and alienation which is a common result of migration.” (Online reference) Sarah Gavron the author of the film Brick Lane, which portrays the lives of Bangladesh immigrant families, having a multi-cultural life. The circumstance of alienation which has social, psychological and ethical ...view middle of the document...

Even perceiving the outside world through her tiny window, it does not elaborate the opportunities that could socially engage her in a community.
Her husband Chanu is alienated as his mindset of an ideal image of community values and cultural beliefs are left behind as socially acceptable within his home country. He is not psychologically up to date with his new environment and tries to bring his culture over to England which forms alienation from the rest of his community, as they have adapted to how everyone else lives in England. He strongly believes that he is a proper educated man that is qualified for any job, but is still unable to catch a job through his lack of knowledge and what he morally sees as right and wrong. His ethical values are out of date which cast his isolation and his dead income out of England and back to his home country.
Throughout the film, there is no secret that there are two opposing sides within the family between Chanu and his daughter Shauna. They both depict each other of their completely different morals, as Chanu is lost within his culture and powerfully believes that his daughter should be sent off in an arraigned marriage and should respect anything their father may ask of them, as He is seen as the ultimate chief of the household. However in Shauna’s mind, she has openly adapted to her England community and disagrees with the idea of an arraigned marriage. She decides to speak up to her father when he thinks that what she believes is wrong when Chanu talks about their holiday back to Bangladesh where there Shauna will be immediately sent into a marriage of her father’s choice. Chanu constantly tries to limit Shauna causing alienation in the sense of being restricted...

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