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Alien Circles Essay

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Have you ever wondered whether or not we are alone in the universe? What if there are higher beings or beings from other worlds looking upon us? We dwell on one of the many planets that make up our universe. It is not beyond reality that one of our sister planets maybe home to another civilization. It might be possible that the inhabitants of those planets are trying to communicate with us through the mysterious geometric formations found in fields of crop around the world. The amazing and unexplained existence, origin and theories behind crop circles are among the most popular issues in the world today.
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Most discoveries in the 1970’s were generally in England. Because of this, it was thought that crop circles were indigenous to the U.K. As time passed, there were new discoveries of geometric patterns in the fields of the Unites States of America, South Africa and China. By the late 1990’s, there were numerous formations discovered across the world.
“1990 began early with a surprise at Bishops Cannings. Two Celtic cross designs with pencil-thin rings stood parallel in the wheat field. Amazingly, one had a fourth ring that intercepted the other. This addition of elements also began occurring in other formations.” (The Crop Circular)
Every year, numerous crop circles are discovered. Thousands have been documented around the world. From past to present, researchers have been studying crop circles and developing theories on how crop circles are created. In order to make a design, the crop has to be laid flat in such a way that a pattern develops. These designs or patterns are done with such precision that the crops are still able to grow even when they are woven or flattened together for long periods of time.
“In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent (right), normally about an inch off the ground and near the plant's first node. In special cases, the stems are bent six inches from the top of the seed head.” (The Crop Circular)
With the statement above in mind, it is clear to see that there is a great deal of precision that goes into the creation of crop circles. Television programs that I have seen in the past implies that these formations or done during the night. This can be held as truth as the “Mowing Devil” in the 17th Century was said to be done over night. Given the size of the crop circles and
the precision of their formation, who or what can be blamed for their creation? With such geometry, precision and knowledge of plant growth, there must be a great mind or great minds at work here. There are many theories behind the formations. They range from unknown energy forces, higher beings or extraterrestrials to simple man made hoaxes. With a rise in suspicion and numerous assumptions that we are not alone in the universe, several groups have made attempts to catch crop circles in the creation stage. Skeptics and surveillance groups have stood above and around fields in an attempt to catch the circle makers in the act. This would be a perfect way to expose crop circles as being man made. One of such surveillance operations yielded a strange outcome which may have led to speculation of an unknown source of creation.
“In one situation a shining object was filmed hovering above a field when several small red lights were seen emanating from it. They operated slowly above the heads of the crop and disappeared at phenomenal speed when approached. Wherever these balls were seen, small 'grapeshot' circles later appeared in the crop.” (The Crop Circular)
What could have been the origin of these balls? This may very well have been...

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