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Alfred Hitchcock Essay

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Alfred Hitchcock, famously known for being the director of films like Psycho, Rebecca and Strangers on a Train and many more, was a man that changed the way audiences watched movies. By directing a movie like Psycho he was able to show people what being seriously terrified felt like. Most would agree Hitchcock truly changed and basically created the genre of "horror films". He knew how to make a movie suspenseful by using different techniques to grasp the audience, he knew how to use the actors and actresses wisely throughout his movies, and most shockingly he also knew how to mix suspense and humor. Hitchcock was a man of many talents when it came to moving pictures. Hitchcock knew all the ...view middle of the document...

This method was used in multiple of his movies, this is one of the main reasons why the people wanted to continue watching everyone wants to know more. Sometimes its better to not know so much, this is where another method that Hitchcock was famous for using. He knew that less most certainly meant more. In his films he had this way of making the audience curious of what was to come, but never exactly showed them what horrifying act just took place and nothing is scarier than the unknown. The scene in the movie Psycho when the woman is in the shower and the killer comes inside and stabs the women to death was a famous horrific scene and still is to this day. The trick that Hitchcock used was never showing the audience exactly how the woman was stabbed all the audience could see was the knife, and then the blood running down the drain. It was scenes like this one that captivated the audience and left them on the edge of their seats. James Kendrick an author of many horror film reviews writes about Psycho and describes how "viewers were faced with a new kind of film, and they responded to it in ways that had not been witnessed since the earliest motion picture projects of the Lumières's oncoming train shook and disoriented unsuspecting audiences with excitement and even terror. " Kendrick is stating that because this movie had such different ways of catching the audience's attention the audience therefore stayed intrigued throughout the whole film. Hitchcock using his own ways of directing and being diverse, it was a result of his films that people will talk about for years, and directors will looks to for an example and guidance. Hitchcock was also very picky when it came time to actually showing the films, or trailers for the films. He knew how to make the whole atmosphere when the film was actually being played. In an article by Robert Genter he analyzes how Hitchcock was able to create such a psychopath in the movie Psycho he states that Hitchcock "demanded that theatre owners refuse to seat ticket buyers after the start of the feature, preserving an air of mystery around the film." This is how one can tell that Hitchcock was devoted and wanted his audience to see how great his work could be. An audience member would not want to have any interruptions especially when one is so enthralled and their heart is beating so fast waiting for the thrill to be over. Hitchcock was very smart in the way he had everything arrange just the way he wanted it. Because he stood up for what he wanted, he has created movies that will last a lifetime, and can be considered "classics".[1: Aaron Smuts. "The Desire-Frustration Theory of Suspense." Journal Of Aesthetics & Art Criticism 66, no. 3 (Summer2008): 281-291. Academic Search Premier, Ebscohost p. 2][2: James Kendrick. "Disturbing New Pathways: Psycho and the Priming of the Audience." Journal Of Popular Film & Television 38, no. 1 (Spring2010 2010): 2. Masterfile Premier, Ebscohost p. 5 ][3:...

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