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Alert, Somebody Is Watching You Essay

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Alert, Somebody Is Watching You
“Hey, guess what! I saw Justin Timberlake today!” “I know… You’ve posted it on your Facebook…”
“And I bought a pair of really nice shoes today!” “I know… You’ve posted it on your Twitter…”
“I…” “Let me save you sometime, I know every detail of your life, because, you know, I have your Facebook.”

Have you ever got conversations like these? I’ve heard a lot of them. Nobody can deny that social network plays a more and more important role in our daily life. For some reason, some people like to post literally everything on the Internet. Forming doing this they get great sense of satisfaction. But it maybe never occurs to them that the posting will cause them some dangers.

I once read a piece of news that a girl was found raped and murdered on her way to Yoga ...view middle of the document...

But we shouldn’t overdo it. According to my understanding, there are two reasons for why people are addicted to social network. The first one is they have strong vanity and the second one is their lives are empty.

People need compliment. We need other’s identification to make us feel good about ourselves. Just admit it, we all get satisfactions from praise comments after you post your photos. But still, don’t overdo it. Instead of feeling exciting about driving a new car, some people feel more exciting about how the car will shock others. The really thing they care about is showing off rather the thing itself. It is kind of sick. Others’ attention or admire is nice, but the real thing that matter, or the only thing should matter is how to live on our OWN life. What others think of us can make no different for our lives. So stop wasting your time with almost strangers on line, even they say you are as pretty as the moon, they

Also, the addiction of social network appears when people have empty lives. Some people don’t know how to connect with people. After they setback in real life, they may choose to hide themselves in the digital world. I understand there will be some hard time in people’s lives, but running away would never be a good solution. Cheer up and facing the world. It is the only way to let the sunshine coming though your life again. It seems like sharing secrets with people who are out of your life is more safety than shout it out directly in bunch of people. But the truth is, the unknown world is much more dangers. Because there are full of things you don’t know and ricks you can’t control.

Shut down your computer, open your door and run towards the sun. There are so many beautiful things waiting for you to pick them up. Don’t stuck yourself in the little screen. You’ll never know who is behind it.

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