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Alcoholism Paper

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Alcoholism Paper
Research Paper
Merriam-Webster defines alcoholism as “a chronic disorder marked by excessive and usually compulsive drinking of alcohol leading to psychological and physical dependence or addiction.” a person who suffers from alcoholism is addicted to the effects of alcohol (Webster 1). He or she has a physical or mental desire to consume alcohol past their physical ability to control themselves. Alcohol is the second most commonly abused substance according to the NID (Pdf 1). This paper will present facts on, biological effects of alcohol on the body, the addiction to alcohol, genetic loading, and the deaths that are caused in some way by alcohol.
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Warm alcohol is also absorbed faster than cold alcohol because room temperature or warmer alcohol is closer to body temperature so the body doesn’t work as hard to metabolize it, and therefore its impact is felt faster.
There are approximately 15,000,000 alcoholics or alcohol dependents in the U.S. alone, with Wisconsin having the highest rate of abuse, about eleven percent of the population suffering from alcoholism or dependence. There are approximately 37,000 deaths related to alcohol every year as reported by the CDC. There are almost 600,000 related unintentionally injured in college alone, and of those 1,700 of them die. The process of becoming addicted to alcohol happens gradually, the constant over consumption of alcohol can change the normal balance of chemicals in the brain that respond to pleasure (Mayo1). This can cause a feeling that alcohol has to be consumed to restore feelings of pleasure, or to repress negative feelings. The genetic loading has been proven to be a factor in developing an alcohol addiction. Children who come from alcoholic parents are four times more likely to develop an addiction. However, genetic loading isn’t solely responsible, in fact the genetic loading is only responsible for fifty percent of the possible addiction, environmental factors create the other fifty percent (NHI 2). Although not much is known about how the genes effect the addiction, one study shows that some people of Asian decent carry a gene mutation that alters the rate of alcohol metabolism, the biological response of alcohol on these people is that of flushing of the face, nausea and rapid heart beat while drinking. There have been medical advances in the way of medications that can help some alcoholics break the addiction, a drug called naltrexone has helped some, not all, alcoholics break their addiction by blocking the high alcoholics get when they drink.
The dangers of alcohol are almost endless, from what happens when you consume it, to operating a vehicle while under the influence of it. In 2010 there were 10, 228 drunk driving...

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