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Alcoholism And Alcohol Dependence Essay

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IntroductionAlcoholism or Alcohol Dependence, chronic disease marked by a craving for alcohol. People who suffer from this illness are known as alcoholics. They cannot control their drinking even when it becomes the underlying cause of serious harm, including medical disorders, marital difficulties, job loss, or automobile crashes. Medical science has yet to identify the exact cause of alcoholism, but research suggests that genetic, psychological, and social factors influence its development. Alcoholism cannot be cured yet, but various treatment options can help an alcoholic avoid drinking and regain a healthy life.People tend to equate any kind of excessive drinking with alcoholism. But ...view middle of the document...

Long ago alcohol consumption was used socially, or in some cultures for medical purposes. Nowadays alcoholism is one of the leading causes of death among humanism. Unfortunately, today alcohol is are abused. Some people often use alcohol to 'relief' pain, anxiety, frustration, boredom, anger, giddiness, and so forth. Other people use alcohol to experience relaxation that will result as the alcohol hits their brain and nervous system.Alcohol is what a man needs, to get going when he becomes an alcoholic. Even though people know that alcohol is harmful to the body, they cannot give up, however, much they are advised against their use. Once people become used to it, they are unable to control themselves. To them alcohol is are as necessary as food and sleep. People who take this, as pain reliever little know that they will become addicted to alcohol in future. When teenagers become alcoholics, they are tempted to do anything, even against their conscience.Alcohol dependence affects a broad cross section of society around the world. Statistics show that alcohol dependence touches successful business executives, skilled mechanics, laborers, homemakers, and church members of all denominations. Scientists have not identified a typical alcoholic personality, and they cannot predict with absolute certainty which drinkers will progress to alcohol dependence.Alcohol use varies depending on an individual's social, cultural, or religious background. Some individuals do not drink at all-about one third of adults in the United States who are 18 and older, for example, abstain from alcohol. Others drink as part of social custom. Still others drink frequently and in substantial amounts. Those suffering from alcohol dependence drink to appease an uncontrolled craving for alcohol or to avoid experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.WHO estimates that nearly 62 million people worldwide suffer from alcohol dependence. The prevalence of the illness varies in different countries. In the United States nearly 15 million people experience problems related to their use of alcohol. Of these, alcohol dependence affects about 8.1 million men and women, or almost 3 percent of the population. Men are three times more likely than women to become alcoholics, while people aged 65 and older have the lowest rates of alcohol dependencePhysical Effects of AlcoholEthyl alcohol, or ethanol, is present in varying amounts in beers and wines, and in distilled liquors such as whiskey, gin, and rum. When a person consumes alcohol, the stomach and intestines rapidly absorb it. From there alcohol travels in the blood throughout the entire body, affecting nearly every tissue. Moderate and high doses of alcohol depress the functions of the central nervous system, including the brain. The higher the alcohol level is in the blood, the greater the impairment.As blood passes through the liver, enzymes break down alcohol into harmless by products, which are eliminated from the body six to...

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