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Alcohol Drug And Behavior Essay

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Moises Roldan
Drug, Alcohol and Behavior
Prof. Aikens

Alcohol is not only one of the most consume drugs not only in the United States but worldwide but it is also one of the most dangerous drugs. There are many studies to support and prove this statement. According to a study made in London, England by CNN alcohol ranks as one of the most harmful among a list of 20 other different drugs including: heroin, and crack cocaine. A panel of experts from the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD) focused in not only the physical, but psychological, and social problems caused by the drugs and based on this ...view middle of the document...

5. The gender of the person; this dangerous substance could have different effects depending on the person’s gender. It is believe that alcohol will potentially have more effects in women than what it has in man. 6. Their family history; this one is a very important factor when it comes to predict some of the effects alcohol will have in a person’s life. If there is a history of family member who are or were alcoholic there’s double the probabilities for one to become alcoholic as well, and if the mother used to drink alcohol very often during pregnancy there is also a big probability for the newborn to experience health problems related to “alcohol” or even to become an alcoholic when become an adult. Last but not least factor we have is 7. The person’s health; it is completely understandable that it is not the same when a healthy person drinks alcohol and when a person with many health problems does. They both at some point will face the effects and consequences of it but the one that will be mostly affected of the two will be the one that has health issues.
Some of the side effects caused by alcohol involving health could be but not limited to the following: Drinking alcohol in excessive amounts cause damages to the brains which will cause the consumer to experience memory loss, problem to pay attention and stay focus, confusion, hallucinations, learning difficulties, sleep problems etc. This is because alcohol in kill the cells in the person’s brain. Other related problems could be: damages to the stomach, intestine and heart which potentially lead to a heart attack (stroke) and therefore affecting the person’s ability to walk, talk, and move. Alcohol might also cause the nervous system not to work correctly and when this happens the person will be likely to experience physical and behavior problems. Another big problem that comes along and that its one of the most common and “silent killer” health problems is “Obesity”. Because alcohol is really high in calories, it is one of the main factors that contributes and leads to obesity.
On the other hand there are many people who believes alcohol have many good side effect in a person’s life and there have been made some studies that support and proves this statement. A study conducted by the University of Harvard concluded that drinking a small portion of alcohol help people’s health in a long term period. According to the study drinking a small cup of alcohol will help you not only to sleep better but to emotionally feel better, it will decrease and or lower the risk of a person to develop...

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