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Alcohol And Family Essay

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Alcohol and Family Violence Paper
Alicia Gaspar
BSHS 406
June 2, 2015
Razyya Abdulmumin

Alcohol and Family Violence Paper
Alcohol is legal and socially acceptable, it is the American way of life, celebrations and parties have alcohol as part of the celebration. Children grow up seeing the glamorization of alcohol, on television, movies, and music videos. Yet alcohol is the cause of a nasty disease called alcoholism. Alcoholism has been around for many centuries, there are regulations and laws passed to help with the issue. The prohibition in the United States was a ban of Alcohol that lasted from 1920-1933. It was thought that would solve the problem of alcohol ...view middle of the document...

For children can cause long standing emotional & psychological problems. For an adolescence health risk due to them engaging in unsafe sexual behavioral, causing themselves unintentional injuries. Adolescents may also be dealing with alcoholism as their parents being alcoholics and they see them drinking and may be tempted to begin to drink. Peer pressure to drink, seeing all the glamorization of drinking. In young adults there is heavy drinking and abuse, becoming dependent of alcohol. Aging and later life which includes retirement, decline in physical health and dealing with death of their partner some turn to alcohol for comfort, to numb and not feel lonely.
The impact of alcohol abuse on the addicted individual is they will eventually loose relationships, face legal troubles, health issues, and lose all the people around them. The addiction brings out the ugly side of the person and a person many people will not tolerate. An alcoholic may eventually face legal trouble for example driving under the influence, or even domestic violence charges. The impact of people around the alcoholic is nervousness, being victims of violence, excessive fighting with the alcoholic and worriedness. The people around trying to help may be emotionally drained and physically exhausted from dealing with the alcoholic. The alcoholic may not admit they have a problem and the people around may be to the point of trying to intervene but if the alcoholic doesn’t think they have a problem and want help there is not much to do for them until they want the help. If the alcoholic has children there may be child abuse and neglect. The children are then impacted, and see the alcoholic’s aggression, they then think it’s normal.
The impact of family violence on the perpetrator of family violence is they may face divorce, be arrested, make excuses for all they do and not admit they have a problem. The impact of those exposed to family violence is they may face psychological problems, go through traumatic events, and be exposed to violent events. The alcoholic will become aggressive and have violent outburst to where the family may feel trapped and become a victim. The family seeing the suffering of...


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