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Alcohol And Drinking Alcoholism Essay

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It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon and little Tommy was struggling to cross the slippery puddle- filled streets. The crossing guard at the corner felt a tug at her leg and it was Tommy waiting to cross. He waited patiently at the corner until traffic seemed to clear. The crossing guard began to lead Tommy across the street when out of nowhere a car sped around the corner and without acknowledging the crossing pedestrians, ended little Tommyþs life. Tommyþs parents were called at work and notified of the horrible accident. Through all the gory details they received the same awful truth that is heard by millions every year, Tommy had been killed by a drunk driver.

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There is even a group of people who become alcoholics with an unknown motive. Alcoholism is a disease with many dimensions. This disorder begins as early as childhood and elevates throughout adolescence to its prime stage in adulthood. The early years are the crucial determination point. If a child grows up with constant exposure to alcohol, they will most likely pattern their behavior after the role model. This is how the whole cycle continues. It is unfortunate that so many Americans are affected by this disease and they are not even aware of it. Treatments are available for those individuals who are willing to seek help for themselves.

Depression, anxiety, anger, or stress. These are all common unwanted personality traits that we experience at one time or another. However, the likelihood that we experience these traits is nearly doubled when alcohol is involved. Alcohol inhibits not only our daily bodily functions but our mind as well. Alcoholism leads to times of withdrawal and low self esteem. It can take our character and change it without us even knowing it. It manipulates the way we think and the way we react in different situations. Our personality is who we are and who we are known as. Alcoholism takes that personality, corrupts it, and turns us into the person we never thought weþd become. As the alcohol becomes more important and necessary in an alcoholicþs life he will find himself unable to any longer answer the question of who he is but will rather find himself answering questions such as who has he become.

Peer pressure is a major influence on the consumption of alcohol. Legally a person must be over twenty-one to drink alcohol. Those types of people feel the pressure that should drink, but so do the young adults in high school. The main group that I will research is that of the drinkers under twenty-one. Everybody that grew up in a þnormal American high schoolþ knows what itþs like to feel the effects of peer pressure. It may not just be on beer and alcohol, it may be in a type of sport, or anything. In my section of this paper I will tell you how adolescents start drinking, and possibly how they obtain it. Drinking has become a normal topic of discussion for people under twenty-one, and I will tell you why young adults drink and what you should do to try to discourage it.

Drunk driving is a very serious problem. It is the leading cause of unintentional injuries deaths, and the number one killer or young people in our country. This is a problem that requires a lot of work and needs immediate attention. Some of the recommended strategies include changing the social norm to make alcohol impaired driving socially unacceptable, limiting alcohol availability among under-aged youth, alcohol service training for those who sell and serve alcohol, early treatment and rehabilitation programs, offering alternative transportation programs for those of legal drinking age, and increasing the perception of risk for arrest for...

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