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Alcohol And College Essay

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Wesley Bannan
Professor Carlton
29 April, 2013
Making College Policy Stricter Due to Alcohol Consequences
Excessive alcohol consumption is a serious problem on college campuses. Students are divided into groups known as light, moderate, and heavy drinkers. While consuming alcohol a light drinker will have one to four drinks, a moderate drinker will have between five and nine drinks, and a heavy consumer may have ten or more drinks in a single session. Kevin E. O’Gradey, a professor who earned his Ph. D. in 1980 from the University of Connecticut, states, “Heavy drinkers could be differentiated from moderate and light drinkers on age of onset of alcohol use, illicit drug use, and ...view middle of the document...

In the case of foolish risk taking, a study performed at North Carolina State University involving 7,965 students’ shows that 4% of them had at least one incident in a two week period of getting arrested for driving under the influence. This is only the percentage of students who were actually caught in the action; in reality, 60% of the students questioned had driven under the influence. According to the same study, students were questioned if they had been in an argument or fight within a two week period after heavily drinking; a substantial 53% of students said that they had been involved in at least one incident of this. On an even more serious note, the same study found that 3% of the students tried to commit suicide. This type of harm to such a large amount of people, 238 of the students to be exact, must not be occurring within a two week span due to the abuse of alcohol (Wall). To make matters worse, this study shows reports of these consequences of when the students consumed five or more drinks, which means the students could have only been considered moderate drinkers. If this study was conducted on students with a drinking rate of 10 drinks or more the results would be dramatically worse, and unfortunately, most college students tend to be considered heavy drinkers. The physical consequences of alcohol would decrease radically or even completely diminish if college students would simply refrain from the use and abuse.
A second example of a serious consequence of drinking and drug use is the sexual encounters that students undergo while under the influence. A study directed by Dr. Lindsay M. Orchowski, whom completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Ohio University, focuses on students during the first year of college and their sexual relationships while intoxicated. The study shows that out of 374 female students that had intercourse while intoxicated, 116 of the students highly regretted the sexual experience. Furthermore, out of 267 male students, nearly a third of students also later regretted the intoxicated intercourse. Of the 641 total students, 96 participants even answered that they had sexual encounters with people that they would not normally have done them with, and 70 of these students did not even want to partake when the actions occurred. In continuation with the consequences of intoxicated sexual interaction, out of those 70 students that did not necessarily want the sexual encounter, 34 of the students were pressured or even forced into intercourse. Additionally, 12% of the females stated that they neglected to use birth control or protection from sexually transmitted infections (Orchowski). A study agreeing with Orchowski by M. Lynne Cooper, whom earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from University of California, states in her study that 40% of students did not use the Pill or protection while they were intoxicated. Also in this study was found that at a British university students who had unprotected sex with a...

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