Alc Module 1 Sfc Sharp Essay

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1. Clearly define the ethical problem.
a. The ethical problem in this situation is whether I should do the right thing and report the security issue that has happened in my new section.
2. Employ applicable laws and regulations.
a. First thing that I would check is my unit SOPs in handling secret materials. Then from there if I had any questions I would call my S-2 who is the subject matter experts in this situation.
3. Reflect on the ethical values and their ramifications.
a. The Army values I would take the most time in reflecting on are Integrity, Loyalty, Duty and Courage. First one being Integrity. You have to do the right thing no matter what, where, when and who it will affect. This leading to do with Courage. Reflect on yourself to see if you have the courage to report this situation no matter what the outcome is. Loyalty ...view middle of the document...

I would take the time and put the shoes on the other feet. I would hope that SFC Sharp would come to me for some answers before jumping to his own conclusions. As a fellow NCO I would have the respect for SFC Sharp to do the same thing for him.
5. Commit to and implement the best ethical solution.
a. After going over several courses of actions I have decided the best one is to Get SFC Sharp involved. This will satisfy my moral principles by not keeping him in the dark and giving him the opportunity to be a part of the solution. Letting him know that I am going to read the companies SOPs and that I feel there is a serious problem with the security in this section. If he did not want to help in this situation I would do my Duty and report it to my chain of command and notify the S-2 shop myself to get the situation under control. This taking a lot of Courage while not compromising my Integrity it shows my section that their new NCOIC will do what is right and that there is no grey area when it comes to security. This will also show my chain of command that I have Loyalty to Fellow NCOs by not leaving SFC Sharp in the dark and that I will do what needs to be done to get my section squared away and running properly. After learning the companies SOPs, I would counsel SGT Day to let him know the standard and that his actions would not be tolerated in the future while he is working for me.
6. Assess results and modify plan as required.
a. After learning the SOPs and with the help from S-2 and my chain of command the situation is under control. There are no security issues in my new section and to maintain and improve on security I would have S-2 give my section quarterly classes. I would also counsel my guys monthly on their responsibilities and the importance of security measures. The last thing I would do is to perform scheduled and random spot checks on my section to ensure we are doing the right thing.

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