Alan Mullaly, Ceo Ford Motor Company

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The Ford Motor Company began its journey in the auto industry with the creation of the 1908 Model T. Henry Ford’s creation of the Model T changed the way in which people transported themselves on a daily basis. This paper will address how an iconic company such as the Ford Motor Company is currently negotiating the issues of organizational performance, leadership style, and goals for the company. Lastly, I will attempt to address the effectives ...view middle of the document...

Second, each leader speaks to the creation of short and long term goals and deadlines, as well as check points, are established in order to evaluate the process. Third, each leader speaks to the responsibility of accountability on all levels of the process. Fourth, each leader speaks to the importance of education and furthering the team’s knowledge of concepts within their organization or outside the organization’s environment (i.e. college education, technical education, certifications, etc.) Fifth and last, each leader speaks to a code of ethics and the importance of adhering to ethical business practices.
These themes are used through different styles or models of leadership. These different styles or models a leader uses in their relations with his/her team impacts the performance of an organization and is vital to the overall organization’s performance and success. We have studied several different styles or models this summer in our Strayer University Business 520 course. I will briefly describe each style or model. First, the Equity Model evaluates Balancing Inputs and Outputs. The Interpersonal Communication Style addresses the different levels of effectiveness. The Traits Model focuses on using one’s characteristics to predict their effectiveness. The Situational Model has as its core that the leader should be matched with the level of readiness of the followers. The Behavioral Model focuses on how and what leaders do through either the consideration concept or initiative structure. And finally, the Vroom-Jago Model focuses on a leader’s decision process contingent upon the situation. Each one of these styles or models is used in various ways and means by leaders. The interesting aspect of styles and models is that one leader may use a style or model with much success while another leader may use it and not reach the goals set. Colin Powell shares in his “Lessons in Leadership” (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009, p. 304), his core belief of what it takes to reach an organization’s performance goals. He states, “It’s all about collaborating with people, building trust and confidence, and making sure you take care of the followers. You always need to give them what they need to do their work well, solve problems, face reality, create opportunities and monitor risks. This is all fairly universal and it applies to any time or era.” (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009, p. 304) Reaching the productivity goal is dependent upon the success of the leader to effectively evaluate and motivate the team through their leadership style or model.
Discuss Mulally’s leadership style at Ford Motor Company and provide examples of how his actions fit this style.
The style of leadership that Alan Mulally portrays could be defined in terms of two models, both Situational Leadership and Behavioral Leadership. At the beginnings of Mr. Mulally’s tenure with the Ford Motor Company, the Situational Leadership Model was evident to me. The model’s progression...

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