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Airplanes Essay

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Airplane is an invention of mankind that let the people to make the dream of flying come true.
From ancient times people were dreaming of flying like the birds. In different periods of time, inventors were trying to achieve how to make it happen by the different means. The first draft of the flying machine was created by Leonardo da Vinci in 15th century, but in 1903 the first real flight was achieved by Wright Brothers. The dream of mankind was finally achieved to fly as a bird.
In first years of the twentieth century, airplane industry was developing very quickly. Different countries started to engineer their own planes. Airplane industry was divided into two directions: it became civil, and defensive. In process of two world wars aviation was playing a big role.
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Therefore, it was created an extensive and developed system of air services. Every day on the earth planet there are 5000 planes depart and arrive all around the world. Civil airlines carry hundreds of millions passengers every year, and it brings huge financial profits to the companies.
In process of development of aviation, another area of air craft industry was created, it became a military aviation. The sole purpose of such industry is a defense attack from above. Now days, every country has their own Air Forces. Military planes are capable of carrying tones of ammunitions and capable of delivering very powerful and precise strikes against targets on the ground, and capable of carrying nuclear weapons as well. Military aviation is a powerful and reliable defender of any state.
In recent decades, aviation has given a strong start in the field of space exploration. Thanks to the development of aircraft industry people started to study the atmosphere of earth and oceans, and it became possible to take first aircrafts-shuttles into the space. Eventually the World Space Station was created.
In conclusion, aviation has become the greatest break through, and incredible invention of man kind. All thanks to aviation people not only were able to fly and move products all around the world even to the north pole and Antarctica, but it also paved a path to the technologies such as satellite television, cellular phone connection, GPS navigation, internet, and many other applied technologies. Aviation has made the world closer and people have created a world community. In recent years, many U.S. companies have gone a step further and successfully launched aircrafts into the space.

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