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Airbus Improves Productivity With Rfid Essay

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Airbus improves productivity with RFID


In order to face competition with Boeing, Airbus is implementing a new technology called the RFID system. This assignment will try to answer some questions related to the implementation of a new processing system within the organization. It is fundamental to understand how a new information technology can change the efficiency of the organization, and how that will affect people and business. It will also be useful to understand the issues and the steps the management level will have to face in order to achieve corporate goals and create an efficient strategy.

1. What are the drivers of the RFID project?

By using Radio ...view middle of the document...

As a result, RFID improves processes significantly.

2. What information technologies are cited here and are related to the implementation?

The system involved in the RFID technology is a transaction process system because it supports the monitoring, collection, storage, processing and dissemination of the organisation’s basic business transaction, especially in the operation and production department. Readers track parts inside warehouses as they move from one place to another, and as they are loaded into aircrafts.
The data registered in the system encompasses a description of the item, as well as its serial number. As soon as the reader tracks a part in the warehouse, the software informs users that a specific item with a specific description and a specific quantity is entering the warehouse.
The data is processed within the software, which records not only the level of stock, and the place of a product in the warehouse, but can also give useful information such as the implementation date of an item in a plane. All those applications can be used to manage the life-cycle of items. The transaction is basically the track of an item through a wireless reader.

3. What categories of people will be supported by the RFID?

The RFID system is an information system that deals with logistics and material management. People and core activities are supported within the internal organisation along the supply chain, but also along internal process, what is called the Internal Supply Chain.

The people mainly supported by the RFID system are the production workers, which means all crewmembers working in warehouses and the ones working in the industry: supervisors, operators, clerical employees, and field employees. The production activity is the main activity of the RFID system, because it deals with day-to-day operations of the organisation.

The field workers involved in the operational and production activities, such as a forklift truck driver, is highly supported by this technology because its job is to take the boxes of parts and bring them to the right place (in the warehouse or directly in the industry). This is a short-term activity in nature and more specifically, an operational activity.

On the other hand, it is also supporting the Upstream Supply Chain, which means the relation of Airbus with suppliers, especially by extending parts tracking from the supplier side to Airbus. It is a way to improve the transaction process because both players are more aware, and, then can react faster. This wish to have a better collaboration between Airbus and its suppliers will clearly help improve the production in the organization. There will for example be an alert if: the wrong shipment is delivered, if a shipment contains wrong parts, or if parts container is delivered to the wrong place.
The implementation of this technology system will also help marketers to highlight and to promote the image of the company competing with Boing,...

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