Air Quality Essay

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Air Quality
Rod Taylor
Trident University

Dr. Persaud
Write a 2-3 page paper in which you do the following:

1. Describe the common health problems associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution in urban settings.

2. Describe why children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollutants.

3. Describe how you (as a Health Educator and consultant in this multi-disciplinary team), would assist the nurse to plan and implement a program that will reduce the exposure of this community to air pollution as well as reduce the impact of air pollution on the health of children.  In your response, make sure to include preventive steps that can be taken by the community (home and ...view middle of the document...

These health problems include asthma, especially among people who tend to have allergic reactions to foreign bodies or particles in the air. These health problems also include the worsening of the conditions of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as cystic fibrosis. In some cases with considerably higher levels of air pollution, people could suffer more from increased risks of coronary artery disease. These health problems frequently observed in people repeatedly continually exposed to significant levels of indoor air pollution in urban areas. In addition, outdoor air pollution in urban areas could lead to irritation of the nose and throat, and irritation of the eyes with repeated exposure to high air pollution (Zanobetti & Schwartz, 2009).
Children are among the major concerns of public health programs that target air pollution. This is so because children generally considered having a higher level of vulnerability to air pollutants, mainly because of two factors: the tendency to go outdoors and the respiratory rate. Research indicates that children have a higher tendency to go outdoors for leisure or recreational activities compared to adults, thereby increasing the exposure of children outdoor air pollution, which has relatively higher levels of pollutants, especially particulate matter (Calderon-Garciduenas & Torres-Jardon, 2012). Research also shows that children tend to have a higher respiratory rate corresponding to a higher volume of air inhaled and exhaled over time compared to adults, thereby increasing the exposure of children's respiratory systems to air pollutants (Calderon-Garciduenas & Torres-Jardon, 2012). Because of such increased exposure to outdoor air pollution and a higher rates of respiration children are more vulnerable to the negative consequences of air pollutants.
As a health educator and consultant, I would provide assistance to the nurse in the development of a program for the reduction of children's exposure to air pollution by using data on the amount of time children spend...

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