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Air And Pollution Paper

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Air and Pollution Paper

Albertis McCray


November 11, 2013
Mrs. Jennifer Lake

Air and Pollution

Air and water pollution play a large role in our environment. The two types of air pollution that will be discussed in this paper are carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Both of these air pollutions have a daily effect on our environment. Air pollutants are either primary and/or secondary. Primary air pollutants produce a specific type of process, for example, sulfur dioxide released from industrial factories or ash from a volcano explosion. Secondary pollutants are not directly emitted, when primary pollutants react or interact, they form in the air.

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Sunlight enters the atmosphere freely by chemical compound. When sun hits the earth’s surface, part of the sun redirects to space as heat. Ideally, heat from the sun and heat sent back to earth should be the same amount.

Greenhouse gases could have an increased effect on the earth. For example, ocean levels might increase due to water expanding as it heats up, which means the city coasts would begin to flood. Mild places that generally get regular rain and snowfall may have their precipitation change and some spots might become hotter and drier. Animals, plants and humans that cannot tolerate heat may become extinct or become replaced by a higher temperature tolerant species.

Types of Water Pollution Disease Causing Agents and Sewage

The two types of water pollution that I will discuss are disease causing agents and sewage. Disease causing agents are caused by the waste of infected people penetrating the water supply. A few examples of this are viruses, bacteria, parasitic worms and protozoa. The impact of this pollution is the spreading of infectious diseases. Inadequate water quality can have an extreme negative effect on human beings. Downstream populaces are exposed to water pollution from upstream action. The increased use of wastewater and highly polluted surface water for

agricultural production makes humans highly susceptible to numerous microbial threats from the food chain. In addition to the direct human pain related to ill-health, it also has an increased socio-economic cost as sick humans...

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