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Aims And Objectives Essay

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Assignment 3 Aims and Objectives

Notes on Aims and Objectives
1. Business Aims

These are the long term goals/intentions of a business to develop in a certain way. Their purpose is to create a common vision to which everyone in the business should strive to work.

2. Mission Statement
This is a qualitative statement of the organisation’s aims. It aims to motivate those within the business and to convince those outside of its commitment and sincerity. It communicates the culture, purpose, philosophy and focus of the organisation. It provides employees with a justification for their work.

3. Objectives
These are the targets/goals, derived from the aims, which the ...view middle of the document...

Tesco plc
The objectives are:
• To be a successful international retailer
• To grow the core UK business
• To be as strong in non-food as in food.
• To develop retailing services - such as Tesco Personal Finance, Telecoms and
• To put community at the heart of what we do.
2. Centrica plc, parent company to British Gas
• Develop capability to install low-carbon microgeneration for UK domestic, business and public sector customers.
• Become the leading supplier of green energy to domestic customers in the UK directly and through partnerships.
• Extend our British Gas Energy Savers Report programme to domestic and business customers.
• Deliver UK CERT carbon savings target of 16.1m tonnes CO2 in 2008.

3. McDonald’s Corporation
McDonald's main aims are to
• serve good food in a friendly and fun environment
• to be a socially responsible company
• provide good returns to our shareholders
• provide its customers with food of a high standard,...

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